As the reviews mount up (Regulators!), it’ll probably get harder to find things easily. Here, I’ll put a link to each review, sorted alphabetically, under the appropriate category. Hope this helps! Some posts, such as basketball games, may be under multiple categories, such as Sport and Television. On this page, they will be under whichever I feel is more appropriate, so for those games, it would likely be sport. Upcoming reviews have been published at set times in the past, but have become more erratic (and sporadic) in their posting. I’ll try to get one up every couple of days, and additional posts may be made at any time, so check back often, or, even better, give me a follow! Thanks in advance!

– Thom

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Song of the Year 2013

  1. James Blake – Life Round Here
  2. Beyoncé – I Been On
  3. Kenna – Relations
  4. Chance The Rapper – Favorite Song
  5. Danny Brown – Way Up Here
  6. A$AP Rocky – 1Train
  7. Chamillionaire – Slow Loud & Bangin
  8. Drake – Pound Cake
  9. Jme – Integrity
  10. Pusha T – Nosetalgia





Mixed Martial Arts



Video Games


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