I’d just like to apologise for never getting the Twin Peaks “Traces to Nowhere” review up. I’ll get on that soon…hopefully!

Right okay, here’s something new for you. The intense build up for this long anticipated rematch is about to come to a head here in Liverpool, and I’m on hand to cover the whole event! There is, of course, a caveat here (hence the asterisk) – I know very little about scoring in boxing. I had initially intended to give a brief play-by-play for each round, but I realised that my lack of knowledge would limit this greatly, so I’ll give a little recap of each bout; I can probably stretch to that. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

Fight one: McDonnell defeats Chacon by referee stoppage due to a dislocated shoulder [TKO10] (Prediction: McDonnell)

I have to be honest, I accidentally put Chacon as my prediction, and I apologise for that if you think it’s a bit of a cop-out in changing it. Genuinely typed the wrong name though – my bad. It has been corrected now (following the Quigg bout – better late than never eh?), we’re all good. Despite not being the most exciting bout I’ve ever seen, it’s a shame to see it end with what looks to be a dislocated shoulder. Never fun to see a fighter call if off themselves like that, but I can’t complain about Team UK picking up the first win. That isn’t a thing in boxing, is it? I’m not keen to make it on either, let’s move on.

Fight two: Smith defeats Sjekloca by unanimous decision [118-111, 120-108, 118-110] (Prediction: Smith)

Well, at least I’ve got one right, that’s better than some of my previous attempts. You could see he had this one in the bag following the fourth, as, although there was some kind of resistance later on, the beating Smith put down in the last minute took something out of the big 36 year old. A deserved win with some big margins, let’s get to the next one!

Fight three: Saunders defeats Levickis by decision [60-54] (Prediction: Saunders)

Alright, so I didn’t know this was going to happen. To be honest, not much has happened. It’s not exactly the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen, though I’m sure things will pick up following this one, so I can’t complain too much. Looks as though Saunders is trying too hard – just keep it simple and go with what works, the opportunities will come; I’m sure this would have been much simpler for him if he kept it cool. From what I’ve read in the last five minutes, he is apparently a good up-and-coming (28 year old?) British talent; a fairly standard win – good luck to him in the future.

Fight four: Quigg defeats Otake by unanimous decision [119-109, 119-109, 118-110] (Prediction: Quigg)

Otake steps out of his native Tokyo to take on Scott Quigg. If the commentator’s suggestion that Otake has a rib problem bears any truth, this could be over quickly. Update: Well, that didn’t really seem the be the case. That said, this was a good night’s work from Quigg – that big hit in the second, up until opening that gash further on, he was in control throughout. I think it probably should have been called the first time the doctor looked at the cut, but hey, I’m not a doctor. By the third time however? I’m just saying. Hell of an effort from Otake, take nothing away from him, but a comfortable win for the Englishman, who extends his undefeated run to 32 fights.

Fight five: DeGale defeats Periban by TKO [TKO3] (Prediction: DeGale)

Even with those horrendous Gooner trunks, I can’t look past DeGale for this one. I said on twitter that this one won’t go past the third and I’m sticking with it; as CAS once said –

Chopping them down like a force 9 gale, or like James DeGale

Great win for Chunky there, what a shot. Let’s get the next one.

Fight six: Groves defeats Douglin by TKO [TKO7] (Prediction: Groves)

Despite it taking longer than many had anticipated, Groves picks up the win with a devastating strike over the top to the head of Momma’s boy – the ref tries to let it carry on, but another twenty seconds and it’s all over. A good performance from Douglin, but you don’t come back from a strike like that.

Fight seven: Joshua defeats Sprott by TKO [TKO1] (Prediction: Joshua)

Even if I didn’t think Joshua would win, coming out to “Bound 4 Da Reload” makes you a winner with me. First round perhaps?

…Yes. 1:28? I think? Ref should have been in there sooner. This man is an absolute juggernaut.

Fight eight: Bellew defeats Cleverly by split decision [115-114 Cleverly, 116-112 Bellew, 115-113 Bellew] (Prediction: Bellew)

I don’t know. I’ve been going backwards and forwards on this one, and I still don’t know. I want Cleverly to win this, but I just can’t make a decision. I’ve gone for Bellew because he seems a lot more emotionally involved in this  – that said, now I think that’s going to be more of a hindrance and Cleverly will probably take it the distance. I’m not going to change, I’ll stick with the Scouse lad, but I hope it goes to the Welshman. Even with that headband. Actually, I take that back. An Everton themed entrance is a million times worse. Let’s go!

Mid-fight update: for me it looks as though Bellew is going to get gassed before this one ends. Those windmills Cleverly is busting out are hilarious. Round five underway.

Mid-fight update two: How is Cleverly still on his feet? Two to go.

Well, that’s over. A lot of spirit from Cleverly, but Bellew definitely deserved the win; can’t believe it was a split decision. I doubt there will be a third one after that show of respect at the end, but glad I witnessed it, regardless of it not being the greatest of all time. Good stuff guys, it’s been good to do something different! Speak to you all soon, I guess.