Right, here we go then! I’m Thom and every now and then, I’ll throw out a review. I’ve started a few blogs before in the past — a now-defunct Blogger, which has been deleted, and a still-active-but-rarely-used-tumblr (found here at…umm…haterzeverywhere), but have decided to jump over to WordPress for my latest venture. For added insight, some of my reviews are on Rap Genius (it seemed natural, what with being a moderator over there!) All of the reviews from my previous blogs have been brought over here to create a comprehensive website full of my work. They’re not all great, but they’re here to ready for to make up your own mind on them. The newer stuff is better though, I’d like to think!

All work is my own, please don’t reproduce the content of this website without my express permission. Regardless of your opinion on it, I do work fairly hard on it, so give me some respect. I know no one would steal it anyway, but yeah, just making sure I had something like this down.

Feel free to leave a comment, or, for what is likely to be a quicker reply, give me a shout on twitter, @thom___. Also, for any professional inquiries (long shot!) this is my LinkedIn account! Hope you enjoy my writing!


Here, I thought I’d post a collection of music-related links, for those who would like to know more about my tastes in the art form – I thought information about my kind of music may be relevant because that seems to be the way the majority of these reviews are heading. In honesty, this is more for myself, so I can easily find my profiles, but yeah, it may be of interest to someone else out there.

    • Yeah man, I have! Have you got it, or are you considering it?

      • I finished it the other day! I thought it was excellent, at least the first half was. What did you think?

      • Yeah, I thought it was spectacular, much better than I could have hoped for before playing it, I thought the second was atrocious. Yeah, I thought it went downhill a bit as it went on, but definitely worth finishing – I kept playing long enough to get the 1000 Gamerscore, as I’m so fond of doing!

        Have you seen the spin-off arcade game, Blood Dragon?

      • Haha, I’m trying for the 1000 score too! Not sure if I can get it though as one achievements pretty hard to get now that the game is over.

        I’ve heard of it but not seen or played it – is it any good?

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