Tottenham Hotspur First Half Season Review

This is something I wrote a little while back on News Genius – I thought why not throw it on here, seeing as how it has been neglected as of late. I will be back soon – I know how often I say it, but this FYP is keeping me very busy. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later. Until then, here’s a short first half season review for Spurs. The second half will follow at the end of the season!


Spurs came into the first half of the season as a dark horse candidate for the trophy — while there were certainly others more favoured, few had written off the chances of AVB’s revamped squad — after losing prized asset Gareth Bale, the club brought in seven new signings — former keeper Erik Thorstvedt described the purchases as “[selling] Elvis Presley but [buying] The Beatles!”

While some of these signings became instant hits, it was undeniable the club missed the Welshman — AVB’s policy of slowly introducing players could be argued to be detrimental to the quality of play, as there was no-one to replace the record sale. While he continued to grind out wins most weeks, many were disheartened at the losses the club took — losing to West Ham and Newcastle could be seen as anomalies, but the losses to Man City (6-0) and Liverpool (5-0) were the last straw, as AVB lost his position as head coach at the club — which I should note, upset this moderator greatly at the time.

So begins the era of Tim Sherwood! This is to be continued — he had a terrific start, grabbing 16 of a possible 18 from his first games — the best of any Spurs manager ever. Yup. Good luck to you Tim, I hope you do well!


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