Songs of the Year 2013: 4. Chance The Rapper – Favorite Song

This was hard. I would have been complacent making Acid Rap my entire top 10, as it was an absolutely phenomenal release. Chance The Rapper has had an incredible year — all his features, including those with Vic Mensa, James Blake and yes, even Justin Bieber, have been top notch — one of the few artists where I haven’t heard a track from him that I dislike. In the interest of fairness (to the artists who will likely never read this), I’ve kept it to one track each — it would appear that “Favorite Song” is my…favourite song from Chano! Hahahahaha, I’m so funny! I hope no one else has made that joke.

Honestly, it could have been anything on the tape, but this is just what I felt when writing the list. “Good Ass Intro” is absolutely beautiful, “Everything’s Good” is actually kind of emotional — and I don’t get emotional. “Juice” is one of the catchiest things I’ve ever heard. What am I saying? I could do a run down of the whole thing, but yeah, “Favorite Song” won out for me, because the way he combines with Donald Glover on that bouncy beat just manages to make me smile every time.

I don’t want to brag, but this is my favourite song, and I do know the words.


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