Songs of the Year 2013: 5. Danny Brown – Way Up Here

This was just as hard as the number above; as I mentioned before, Old is on par with Acid Rap as the best release of the year for me. “Dip” gets me buzzing every time (no pun intended); “Dubstep” makes great use of a feature, with Scrufizzer spraying his Fizzy Flow all over the track, while the last two tracks — “Kush Coma” and “Float On” — are both so chill, I can’t get enough of them.

However, judging it on the amount of plays I’ve got out of it, the top song has to be the Ab-Soul-featured “Way Up Here”. May be an odd thing to comment on, but Soulo’s uhh…“Soulo” ad-lib works well on the beat, alongside his verse, which is perfectly topped off with the final punchy line —

HiiiPower, Top Dawgs, all dogs, go to heaven, not y’all

Danny Brown goes in as he always does, with the title of the track frequently punctuating the lines to boost the energy in the track. Not technically the best song on the album, even in my opinion, but it gets me so pumped, I blast it more frequently than any other.

  1. scary how similar our songs of 2013 are so far, though I think way up here is a little lower in my list . excited to see what your top 5 are!

    • I’m glad you’ve came around, it’s rare I seem to find people who feel grime like I do, but Danny Brown as well is even more unlikely! I’m glad someone cares about what I’ve got to write, thank you!

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