Songs of the Year 2013: 6. A$AP Rocky – 1Train

Bars upon bars upon bars. Possibly the best posse cut since Wu-Tang Clan dropped “Triumph”. This should probably be higher, but the amount of plays the others of got, this is where I felt it slotted in on my list. My list that will likely change tomorrow. Anyway, it’s “1 Train”. Well, I guess it was. I was always under the impression it was stylised as “1Train”. Huh. Ah well, I’m not changing the text, I’m sticking to my (possibly incorrect) guns.

I know you’ve already heard it, so I won’t speak about subject matter — instead, I’ll tell you who had the best verses, in order —

I was going to do that seriously, but I can’t. They’re all so good, it’s difficult to separate them. There’s just that one bar from my don Danny which pushes his verse above. Bruiser!


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