Songs of the Year 2013: 9. Jme – Integrity

Had to include a UK track on here, and, from memory, Jme’s “Integrity” was on top of the heap. In honesty, I’ve listened to a lot less grime this year, but I’ll always check out new Jme releases. This was a banger. No frills, it’s just 3:39 of fire, with hard raps about his childhood, the industry and people who want something for nothing.

The full video has been featured on Jme’s website, but here, this is the best you’re going to get. Go check it out there! Serious!

  1. Been following JME a while, its nice to see he’s made it to your top songs of the year!
    just did a post on how Grime is (not) dead if you fancy a read?

    • Yeah, I felt he deserved to be in here somewhere! Yeah, definitely, I’ll check it out when I have a spare minute later!

  2. inkposts said:

    I thought JME – Let’s Roll was better than Integrity, but for me, either Major Grave’s – Looking Forward or his If You Don’t Know/Paramedics Mash up, were the best Grime tracks of 2013.

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