Songs of the Year 2013: 10. Pusha T – Nosetalgia

Alright, so over on Rap Genius, a load of editors and moderators have been crafting their lists of top ten songs of the year. I’ve done the same, but I thought, why not share the experience, on my own little neglected website. Instead of posting the list outright, I’ll do a countdown, culminating on new year’s eve. If you want to see the list now, feel free to head over to Rap Genius, it doesn’t make much difference to me, if you actually want to play the game, then come back every day and give me views. That doesn’t make any difference to me either, considering I make no money off of this website. But I digress. This was a hard list to write, and I know I’ve missed some tracks I want to include, but now I’ve written it, I’ll stick with it as much as possible. One other thing, these will be shorter than my normal reviews, for no apparent raisin. Here’s #10 – Pusha T’s “Nosetalgia”


A finely crafted track from Pusha T here. I dunno, I like Pusha, he’s a very good artist, but for some reason I hadn’t felt much of his solo stuff — probably because I hadn’t given him the chance he deserves, I really can’t say. However, this track changed everything in that respect for me. It was the influence from King Kendrick which got me to check it out, but Push more than held his own with one of the strongest out there, with a verse with just as much quality as man from TDE.

The beat is absolutely beautiful, such strong production which adds to the haunting imagery from both perspectives — those involved in the drug trade, and those who are impacted by it. I’ve never been one to get involved in drugs at all, but they paint such an interesting picture; one where you can almost feel their experiences play out in front of you. And that hook. Words can’t do that justice — I know about the sample, but it works so incredibly well here.

I’ve got to give Mr. Thornton props for this one. Also, for his whole relationship with Kelly Rowland. Lucky man right there.


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