Monthly Archives: November 2013

Alright, while not a review in itself, I have got around to writing anything here this month, as uni continues to take priority, but I did do something short for a new branch of Rap Genius – Art Genius, in particular, breaking down album artwork. I took a look at Jme’s Blam! – check it out (with better formatting) on the website – but as you’re here, have a look at it here too!


Jme’s second studio album follows his first, Famous? by utilising a close-up picture of his face. This one differs however, as it utilises a drawing of his boat as opposed to a photograph. The picture was drawn by his brother, Jason Adenuga, while Jamie added the colouring and handwriting in himself. Quite the artistic family!

The image utilised came from the video for the third single from the album – “CD is Dead” featuring Tempa T. The shot is around 27 seconds into the video.

Finally, the artwork continues Jme’s usage of punctuation in his album titles – the aforementioned use of a question mark in Famous? – with an exclamation mark here in Blam! His compilation of mixtapes kept the trend ongoing with a colon following History:.

The artwork (sans text) was utilised in a number of products, including iPhone cases and t-shirts, given away as prizes around the release of the album. While it was believed that the t-shirts would be sold on UK Record Shop, this never materialised; for those who couldn’t get them in the competition, Jme gave a certain amount away with orders of sim cards on his own network – BBK Mobile.


Well, short and sweet, just something I wanted to share. If you’re interested in getting involved, let me know on here, or on Rap Genius! I’ll have something more fleshed out next month – I would say I promise, but it’s more a case of I hope. Speak to you soon