Breaking Bad, Season 5, Episode 12 – Rabid Dog

Alright, Breaking Bad. If you read the last one, you know that I’m hugely excited about the last few episodes. I’m sure you are too, if you’re reading this. I won’t keep you any longer – if you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t recommend reading this first. Watch the episode first, avoid the spoilers. That said, this is my recap of the latest episode – Rabid Dog.

Hard to believe he was Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. How things change.

He is the one who knocks. Also, the one who stands in corridors.

Okay first, I have a slight problem with flashback, that it shows nothing will happen to Walt in the interim. Obviously that’s a problem with all things that begin with an ending, including my all-time favourite film Carlito’s Way. It’s a necessary evil, I guess, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. His 52nd birthday has him away from Skyler and the family, so that could show another split between them, or it could be a red herring. Whatever the case, he’s fine for another, how long, 9 months in the show? I can’t remember how long the exterminator buisness thing went on for, but whatever. Him being in his house, there’s no way Pinkman could have seriously harmed him. That said, it was still a tense few opening minutes, pretty well done.

Hard to believe he was Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. How things change.

I still find it hard to believe he was Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. How things change.

One small thing I was a particular fan of was the music before Skyler got home. Dunno why, I just thought it was cool. Walt cleaning the house and setting that up was farfetched; as he has got away with his lies for a fair while, he probably thought he could with this, but pump malfunction? That’s absurd, even Jr. knew it.

Moving to the hotel – Saul is still a highlight. You all know that. There’s always a cult character in longer running shows – Omar in The Wire for example; I see Saul as this for Breaking Bad. Such a well acted character, never a dull moment with him on-screen. Also, Skyler during the confrontation with Walt in the hotel room – best I’ve seen of her as much as I can remember. The best acting I’ve seen from Anna Gunn in it, I was engrossed. I’ve probably overlooked something that was better, but for now, a fantastic scene.

Right, Pinkman. I assumed Jesse changed his mind, but knew it wouldn’t be that simple. As I was watching it, I made notes – one of these was “can’t see the Hank/Jesse coalition lasting all that long”, I didn’t think it would be over in this episode though. As they left the White residence, I thought Walt coming round the corner was particularly cliché, but it made me laugh. There was literally a second in that. Back to Pinkman, him and Hank work well together, and I enjoyed the cooperation for that brief period. It became increasingly obvious how Hank was using him as it went on, you can tell he still hates him.

Marie continues to shine – in her therapy session, I believed what she was saying. Betsy Brandt’s character is probably my favourite part of the show now, and I love her. Although they have added to her over the course of the show, I still think she should have been explored more. Incredible work here though, regardless.

The ending was weird. Obviously it wasn’t going to be as simple as Pinkman talking to Walt, but didn’t see that happening. I like how this show can go with the unexpected and it makes complete sense, they don’t just throw random twists in; it all fits. The very end – woah. I don’t think Walt will go through with it, probably save Pinkman at the last minute. I saw someone say something along the lines of Walt being killed by Todd’s family to save Jesse at the end. That may be likely, but I’m not Mystic Meg, I’m just going to watch it and enjoy. Going to be sad to see it end, but I’m looking forward to next week, that’s for sure!


You know, I love every bit of feedback I receive on these reviews (or whatever I’m doing now). I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I’ve wrote, makes me feel good about doing it. However, now I have a purpose. This page – yes, this page – has been read by the Betsy Brandt. Incredible. This has made my day, probably more so than anything else that has graced my mentions. Thank you x

  1. Although I love the show Breaking Bad, I thought the episode called Rabid Dog was the weakest one of the season so far. I know it will get better for the remainder though! Thx for sharing!

    • I can completely understand that man, on reflection I can’t really remember all that much from the episode – it was a slow burner to be sure. I enjoyed it for the performances that the cast put in, some of the finest acting across all the seasons in my opinion!

      Thanks for your comment and the like though, greatly appreciate it!

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