Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace; 2013-14 – Game 1

Alright, the new season kicks off (for us) today! No Bale or Vertonghen today, so there’s a slight concern; that said, our team should be strong enough to deal with these guys. I hope. They’ll definitely put up a fight, so let’s weather it. I’ve got no real big introductions here, I’ll just get into it!

  • 2 minutes: Nothing of note so far. Back and forth between the two teams, hope for some attacks some time soon. I just wrote this so this page wasn’t empty.
  • 3 minutes: Kyle Walker is so good around the box. That didn’t turn out all that well, but he’s a threat.
  • 6 minutes: Free kick Tottenham. These updates are pointless so far.
  • 8 minutes: Some quick build up play for Spurs, but Palace’s defence looks solid. Corner Spurs.
  • 10 minutes: Nothing came of the FK. Spurs 73% possession, foul by Paulinho. I’ve got nothing, I’m sorry. I thought Vert was out, but I think he’s on now. I’m really not sure, I missed the team lists.
  • 12 minutes: Great shot by Mousa, just over.
  • 17 minutes. Ward hurt for the Eagles, went down awkwardly after a header. Play has resumed.
  • 20 minutes: Rose gets a knee in a face, FK leads to a cheeky attempt from Soldado, doesn’t come to anything. I’ll comment when there’s a goal. This may be the last update until half-time because of that.
  • 26 minutes: Rose needs to keep calm. Don’t worry man, you’ve got this.
  • 27 minutes: Moxey looks strong. Very good performance by him, especially hearing he was a second-tier player last season.
  • 29 minutes: Nothing from the Spurs corner, Rosewith a huge header to get it back in, but nothing again.
  • 34 minutes: Great shot from Siggy, great save from the Palace keeper. I’m not going to embarrass my trying to spell the name. Still 0-0.
  • 39 minutes: Vert and Mousa looking strong as ever.
  • 45+3 minutes: Attack at the death doesn’t come to anything. 0-0 at half time. Spurs looking stronger, but Palace are defending very well. We’ll see what happens next half.
  • 48 minutes: Penalty Spurs!
  • 49 minutes: Soldado converts! 1-0 Spurs!
  • 55 minutes: Spurs continue to look strong. Palace with a corner that comes to nothing. Make that two.
  • 56 minutes. Capoue on for Dembélé. While I’d prefer to keep Mousa on the pitch, it’ll be good to give Capoue the run out.
  • 65 minutes: Palace have made some subs. Nothing happening.
  • 68 minutes: Great play, Siggy should have put it in, but was unlucky. Would like another goal before this one’s over.
  • 71 minutes: Palace looking much stronger with the arrival of Chamakh, still hopefully not enough to come back.
  • 72 minutes: Capoue looking strong. Big fan.
  • 76 minutes: Moxey looking strong again. Aside from the two handballs, he has been very strong. Great play by Palace on the break, but Rose was too fast for Gayle.
  • 82 minutes: Defoe on for Soldado for the last 7 minutes. Lovely if he grabbed a goal, would make me very happy.
  • 85 minutes: Close for Defoe, he was just outnumbered, unfortunately. Younes on for Rose.
  • 89 minutes: Lloris looking strong again. Two quick saves, very nice.
  • 90+2 minutes: Paulinho is the man of the match, three points

Well, there we go. Expected the win, was worried to begin with, as Palace had something to prove, but they looked strong in defeat. On to Swansea!


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