Asphalt 7 Heat

Alright, I’ve really been neglecting this. I need to do something. Something that will appeal to my target audience…hmm. How about a random Windows 8 game? Sure, that’ll do.

Honestly, I wanted to do something more interesting, but I haven’t really done anything that could make for an interesting read. I’m not even sure this will. There’s a new season on Marvel: Avengers Alliance, and there has been another football match in the past 24 hours, but I don’t like sticking to one topic too long. Guess this will have to do.

So. Asphalt 7 Heat. 7? There have been 7 games in this series? I have an Asphalt game on my phone, Asphalt 5, I believe. I don’t think it’s a long-running series though, and I don’t think it warrants multiple sequels. It doesn’t have a huge overarching storyline like your Mass Effects, to be honest, it doesn’t even have huge graphical upgrades like Forza. It’s just another racing game. Still, as long as it does that right, it’s good…right?

Thankfully, there’s very little wrong with this. It’s a really well put together game. I believe this is on Windows phones as well as Windows 8 devices (probably iOS and Android too, but y’know, I’m not Señor OS) and it shows, as least in that it was definitely made with touchscreen devices in mind. Playing it on the new laptop, it didn’t work to begin with. I couldn’t drive. I had to go to the options and change it from touchscreen controls. Whatever, it’s sorted now.

Here I am. In first. Of course. I should probably add, this game isn't particularly hard for the most part.

Here I am. In first. Of course. I should probably add, this game isn’t particularly hard for the most part.

The controls are tight. There are a fair few control methods to suit different purposes, but I’m happy with space and the directional arrows. It’s a simple affair – go forward, left or right, and boost or drift every now and then. As such, it can get repetitive, you’re unlikely to sit down for hours playing this. Still a game every now and then is cool.

I won that race, if you were wondering. You weren't? Carry on.

I won that race, if you were wondering. You weren’t? Carry on.

There’s a lot of cars too. Many more than I had expected. All licensed too, very nice touch. No damage, probably due to the licensing, I’d guess, but it’s not all that important in such an arcadey game. There is a cool Burnout-esque takedown system which makes up for it.

The graphics, despite what I said earlier are nice for a game that’s in the £1 range. I can’t remember how much it was, but for the price it cost, it’s definitely worth getting for anyone that has access to a system it’s on. Give it a go, when I have ever steered you wrong before.

Don’t answer that.

Not sure what I’ve missed to be honest. There’s online and local multiplayer across a variety of modes. There are different races – straight up, time attack, elimination, takedown, there’s no lack of variation in the types of games you can have. There’s a career type mode which is the meat of the game – lots of races to sink your teeth into.

Well, that was shorter than I had expected. I’m finishing this a day after I started, and I’ve probably forgot to include so much. If I’m missing something, let me know. Thanks in advance.


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