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Well, Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet, you’ve been missing out. I know I’ve said something similar about Game of Thrones, but I understand that the whole “fantasy” genre may not be to the taste of everyone. There’s no excuse with Breaking Bad. I got the first two seasons for Christmas, but after that, didn’t get much further. A reactivation of my Netflix account, and I’m back up to speed. Honestly, this programme is like meth (I’d assume), it’s so addictive. Spoilers ahoy, I want to talk about the latest episode – Confessions.


Alright, so it kicks off with Todd and family chatting about the beginning of their own meth empire or something along those lines – Todd telling them about the new Great Train Robbery and that. Not much of note, but I feel it will come to a head in the last couple of episodes.

Hank won’t give up his pursuit of Walt, however he faces a dilemma; if he goes to them and says the man he has been chasing all this time was his brother-in-law, his career is over. It’s a rock and a hard place for Dean Norris’ character, and you have to feel for him. To be honest, I feel for Walt too. He didn’t want this, let’s be honest. He’s not the scared man he was at the beginning, and he may be the danger and The One How Knocks, but he’s still a caring family man. Still, that hasn’t stopped him threatening to frame Hank, so I might be taking the side of an asshole. Do I normally swear on here? Sorry. One thing is for certain, Bryan Cranston has changed a fair bit since his days as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle.

That said, the man in this episode was Jesse Pinkman. His emotional state has been fragile (to say the least) this season, and Aaron Paul’s acting has been superb; he’s carried it off perfectly. Going from sad to angry and back again, it was a roller coaster for him here, embracing Walt when he is requested to leave, even going through with it, until the realisation that it was Hank who poisoned Brock. His rage against Saul (another fantastic performance courtesy of Bob Odenkirk) made me feel for Saul, but then, Jesse has reason to be upset. Maybe not like that, but hey. The finale really got me excited though – the apparent revelation that it was Jesse who burned down the White residence (as shown in the opening of the first episode since the return of this season) is telling me that this show is going out with a bang. Hopefully accompanied by The Pretender’s “Boots of Chinese Plastic” again. Such a great scene. I’m getting sidetracked again.

Here he is, just prior to "angry-face, splashy-petrol" Jesse.

Here he is, just prior to “angry-face, splashy-petrol” Jesse.

Yeah, Marie and Skyler didn’t seem all that relevant this episode, aside from Marie watching Walt’s “confession” – that really sold it for me. I barely remember Jr. being in it, although it’s been a few days since I watched it. A big episode though, it’s got me excited for the final stretch. As I said earlier, if you haven’t watched it, why not? Also, why did you read this? Forget everything I wrote, go watch it, then come back and read this again. Two views from the same person! Winner! Until then!


Alright, the new season kicks off (for us) today! No Bale or Vertonghen today, so there’s a slight concern; that said, our team should be strong enough to deal with these guys. I hope. They’ll definitely put up a fight, so let’s weather it. I’ve got no real big introductions here, I’ll just get into it!

  • 2 minutes: Nothing of note so far. Back and forth between the two teams, hope for some attacks some time soon. I just wrote this so this page wasn’t empty.
  • 3 minutes: Kyle Walker is so good around the box. That didn’t turn out all that well, but he’s a threat.
  • 6 minutes: Free kick Tottenham. These updates are pointless so far.
  • 8 minutes: Some quick build up play for Spurs, but Palace’s defence looks solid. Corner Spurs.
  • 10 minutes: Nothing came of the FK. Spurs 73% possession, foul by Paulinho. I’ve got nothing, I’m sorry. I thought Vert was out, but I think he’s on now. I’m really not sure, I missed the team lists.
  • 12 minutes: Great shot by Mousa, just over.
  • 17 minutes. Ward hurt for the Eagles, went down awkwardly after a header. Play has resumed.
  • 20 minutes: Rose gets a knee in a face, FK leads to a cheeky attempt from Soldado, doesn’t come to anything. I’ll comment when there’s a goal. This may be the last update until half-time because of that.
  • 26 minutes: Rose needs to keep calm. Don’t worry man, you’ve got this.
  • 27 minutes: Moxey looks strong. Very good performance by him, especially hearing he was a second-tier player last season.
  • 29 minutes: Nothing from the Spurs corner, Rosewith a huge header to get it back in, but nothing again.
  • 34 minutes: Great shot from Siggy, great save from the Palace keeper. I’m not going to embarrass my trying to spell the name. Still 0-0.
  • 39 minutes: Vert and Mousa looking strong as ever.
  • 45+3 minutes: Attack at the death doesn’t come to anything. 0-0 at half time. Spurs looking stronger, but Palace are defending very well. We’ll see what happens next half.
  • 48 minutes: Penalty Spurs!
  • 49 minutes: Soldado converts! 1-0 Spurs!
  • 55 minutes: Spurs continue to look strong. Palace with a corner that comes to nothing. Make that two.
  • 56 minutes. Capoue on for Dembélé. While I’d prefer to keep Mousa on the pitch, it’ll be good to give Capoue the run out.
  • 65 minutes: Palace have made some subs. Nothing happening.
  • 68 minutes: Great play, Siggy should have put it in, but was unlucky. Would like another goal before this one’s over.
  • 71 minutes: Palace looking much stronger with the arrival of Chamakh, still hopefully not enough to come back.
  • 72 minutes: Capoue looking strong. Big fan.
  • 76 minutes: Moxey looking strong again. Aside from the two handballs, he has been very strong. Great play by Palace on the break, but Rose was too fast for Gayle.
  • 82 minutes: Defoe on for Soldado for the last 7 minutes. Lovely if he grabbed a goal, would make me very happy.
  • 85 minutes: Close for Defoe, he was just outnumbered, unfortunately. Younes on for Rose.
  • 89 minutes: Lloris looking strong again. Two quick saves, very nice.
  • 90+2 minutes: Paulinho is the man of the match, three points

Well, there we go. Expected the win, was worried to begin with, as Palace had something to prove, but they looked strong in defeat. On to Swansea!

Alright, I’m not really sure what else to do at the moment, so it’s another Windows 8 game for Xbox, or whatever they’re going by these days. Please don’t hate me. This is really interesting, it’s about…crosswords. This won’t take long.

Here's one I did earlier.

Here’s one I did earlier.

So, it’s about crosswords. I know I just said that, but I really don’t know what else to say. You get power ups and other aids to help you out, as the questions, for the most part, seem overly cryptic. They’re easy once you start to understand how it words things, but to begin with, it’s pretty daunting. Add to the fact that it doesn’t tell if you if the answers are split into different words, there’s more of an entry barrier than you’d expect. As I said, there’s powerups though, as well as a built in Bing search for answers on the easiest mode, but that’s pretty pathetic in truth, if you really want it to just give you the answer, then why are you playing? Yeah, there’s different difficulties which strip the help away, but you either have to pay real money or save your tokens to get these. Still, if you want more of a challenge, you may well do it.

Here's one I'm doing now.

Here’s one I’m doing now.

The cool new aspect about the game is the fact that you can team up with others to work together to complete the crosswords, getting the best score possible with your friends. You can join public games if you like, you don’t need a team to get some help, but there are achievements locked to working with a team. Oh yeah, the achievements. They’re easy for the most part, I guess, just some annoying ones. Nothing thrilling though; if you’re a completion working on it, you’ll have most of them in no time, aside from the “do 10 daily crosswords” one.

Here's on I gave up with.

Here’s one I gave up with.

When I first downloaded it, I had a fair few server problems and couldn’t connect at all. That seems to have subsided now, but I’ve barely written anything and I needed to throw something in before my conclusion. Yeah, so there you go. It’s free, so there’s no reason not to check it out really (provided you’re on Windows 8 of course). I’d recommend it, I guess. I’m just not that enthusiastic about it. If you’ve played it, let me know what you think. If you have a team, let me know. I’d play it every now and then, and I’m pretty lonely. Until then.

Alright, I’ve really been neglecting this. I need to do something. Something that will appeal to my target audience…hmm. How about a random Windows 8 game? Sure, that’ll do.

Honestly, I wanted to do something more interesting, but I haven’t really done anything that could make for an interesting read. I’m not even sure this will. There’s a new season on Marvel: Avengers Alliance, and there has been another football match in the past 24 hours, but I don’t like sticking to one topic too long. Guess this will have to do.

So. Asphalt 7 Heat. 7? There have been 7 games in this series? I have an Asphalt game on my phone, Asphalt 5, I believe. I don’t think it’s a long-running series though, and I don’t think it warrants multiple sequels. It doesn’t have a huge overarching storyline like your Mass Effects, to be honest, it doesn’t even have huge graphical upgrades like Forza. It’s just another racing game. Still, as long as it does that right, it’s good…right?

Thankfully, there’s very little wrong with this. It’s a really well put together game. I believe this is on Windows phones as well as Windows 8 devices (probably iOS and Android too, but y’know, I’m not Señor OS) and it shows, as least in that it was definitely made with touchscreen devices in mind. Playing it on the new laptop, it didn’t work to begin with. I couldn’t drive. I had to go to the options and change it from touchscreen controls. Whatever, it’s sorted now.

Here I am. In first. Of course. I should probably add, this game isn't particularly hard for the most part.

Here I am. In first. Of course. I should probably add, this game isn’t particularly hard for the most part.

The controls are tight. There are a fair few control methods to suit different purposes, but I’m happy with space and the directional arrows. It’s a simple affair – go forward, left or right, and boost or drift every now and then. As such, it can get repetitive, you’re unlikely to sit down for hours playing this. Still a game every now and then is cool.

I won that race, if you were wondering. You weren't? Carry on.

I won that race, if you were wondering. You weren’t? Carry on.

There’s a lot of cars too. Many more than I had expected. All licensed too, very nice touch. No damage, probably due to the licensing, I’d guess, but it’s not all that important in such an arcadey game. There is a cool Burnout-esque takedown system which makes up for it.

The graphics, despite what I said earlier are nice for a game that’s in the £1 range. I can’t remember how much it was, but for the price it cost, it’s definitely worth getting for anyone that has access to a system it’s on. Give it a go, when I have ever steered you wrong before.

Don’t answer that.

Not sure what I’ve missed to be honest. There’s online and local multiplayer across a variety of modes. There are different races – straight up, time attack, elimination, takedown, there’s no lack of variation in the types of games you can have. There’s a career type mode which is the meat of the game – lots of races to sink your teeth into.

Well, that was shorter than I had expected. I’m finishing this a day after I started, and I’ve probably forgot to include so much. If I’m missing something, let me know. Thanks in advance.