Premier League Asia Trophy 2013 – Tottenham Hotspur vs South China

Alright, to be honest, I didn’t think I’d be doing this review. I assumed it was a certain thing Tottenham would casually stride past Sunderland to make to the final, presumably against Manchester City. Well, one half of that came correct. Unfortunately, not the half I would have preferred. After conceding a 3-1 loss against the Black Cats, we now find ourselves in a battle for third place. I can’t believe it either. Regardless of the strength of our squad, it should have been more competitive than that. Well, anyway, I couldn’t bare to write anything about that here, but I’ve began a breakdown on Rap Genius, for anyone that is interested.

I was worried, as my Sky Player and Sky Go are down, but I’ve got control of the TV, so this is back on! “The battle to finish third” – fantastic. Let’s get on with it.

  • Pre-match: Pitch looking better. Still terrible, but not waterlogged like it was previously. A lot of Spurs fans singing, good to see a community that are true supporters, a lot of Indonesian Spurs.
  • Pre-match: Lennon’s beard is swaggy, Tottenham have to coolest team. Hope there’s a big performance from the lads today. Defoe starts over Ade. No Bale or Vert. Still missing some key pieces, but a stronger team than the first match. Should be a win, but won’t take anything away from South China, they did well against City, so as my main girl Ellie Goulding says, anything can happen.
  • 2 minutes: Glad to have Lloris back. Great keeper. Got time for Gomes and Friedel, but Lloris is phenomenal.
  • 5 minutes: Nothing of note happened so far. A corner that didn’t amount to much. Danny Rose attempted a cross that may well have went in if it was on target. We’re looking strong.
  • 7 minutes: Beautiful sliding challenge on Sealy from Parker. South China with a corner.
  • 9 minutes: Good play, but didn’t amount to much. Walker is far faster than I thought he was.
  • 11 minutes: Goal! Rose with the deflected cross, I believe. Feel for their keeper, but hey, don’t want to come last on this one. 1-0 Spurs.
  • 14 minutes: Lennon doesn’t like shooting, does he? Should have more confidence in himself, he could have put one away there. Dembélé falls, giving a foul.
  • 16 minutes: Defoe through on goal, but it’s stopped by Joel. Great slide. Corner comes to nothing.
  • 18 minutes: HUGO! That’s all. Nothing special or anything, just good to see him. Friedel did very well in the previous game, our defence was either unlucky, or not up to scratch. Seems much better today.
  • 19 minutes: Lennon is so fast, that was incredible. Still. nothing of note since that run.
  • 21 minutes: Picking up the ball when it’s our free kick. Come of it, D.
  • 23 minutes: Walker was unlucky there. Their defender Joel is very talented. Parker got his on the nose. Ouch.
  • 24 minutes: Walker’s pace again! Unlucky not to get a goal there. Sorry to keep going on about it, but I didn’t realise how fast he was, that was crazy.
  • 26 minutes: Great pass by Parker, unlucky by Dempsey though, would have liked him to score there, but it didn’t happen. Sure there’ll be more opportunities.
  • 30 minutes: AVB is hungry for goals. You can see it.
  • 31 minutes: If Dempsey scored from there…
  • 32 minutes: Fantastic play for Spurs up until it got to the box.
  • 33 minutes. Defoe gets chastised for not passing enough, and this shows he probably should more often. Great pass from Defoe, got an assist, Dempsey puts it away. 2-0 Spurs.
  • 35 minutes: Didn’t need a time, but the Spurs kit is growing on me. I’ll get back to the game now.
  • 37 minutes: D. Martins played well! Nothing on the shot, but did well to get around the defense.
  • 39 minutes: South China are flopping everywhere, I’m sure half of these aren’t fouls.
  • 43 minutes: Walker with another nice cross, I’m liking what I’m seeing from him. Get out of here with that foul on Dempsey just there, too.
  • 44 minutes: Great free kick from Walker, deflects through, easy goal for Defoe. 3-0 Spurs.

Well, that’s half-time. Nothing ore to add really. 3-0 up, looking for more in the next 45 I’d assume. COYS and all that. The older bloke doing the half-time commentary is kind of refreshing, he doesn’t get over excited, he just puts his points across calmly. Working well with two people, as there’s a conversation without constant interruptions. Still, can’t wait for the regular season to come back. Completely right in what they said, more of the same next half. Even if SC get one, they’re not going to come back into this, so let’s just keep doing what we do.

  • 46 minutes: A lot of changes for Spurs. Not really surprising, would like to see more goals from it, with some fresh legs on the pitch.
  • 51 minutes: I assume nothing has happened. I’ve been away trying to win £100 of JME, but that’s over, so I’m back!
  • 53 minutes: Keeper gives it to Defoe, what did you expect would happen? 4-0 Spurs.
  • 54 minutes: Dembélé with a powerful shot, blocked. Imagine what the score would be with our entire first team. Still, not really worth thing thinking about, at all.
  • 57 minutes: Defoe REALLY wants another goal. Can’t blame him, a hat-trick would be very nice for him.
  • 60 minutes: Unfortunate pass from Defoe in the box, but he’ll get more chances, I’d wager. Not being selfish at all here, as he tries another that goes AWOL.
  • 64 minutes: SC looking much more eager. Not looking like they’ll come back, but a lot of credit for keeping the effort up non-stop.
  • 68 minutes: Three substitutions. With the limit of six, I’d love to see them just make six at once – half the team walks off together. Would be funny. No, it wouldn’t, now I’ve thought about it, there’s nothing humourous about that in the slightest.
  • 70 minutes: Close for Defoe!
  • 78 minutes: Good play from Carroll, look forward to seeing more of him next season.
  • 79 minutes: Defoe grabs his third. Well deserved, easily found their way through. Hopefully there’ll be more to come in the last 10.


  • 85 minutes: Another possible own goal on South China’s end there, but it was kept out. Free kick Spurs.
  • 86 minutes: Townsend puts the FK away. 6-0 Spurs.
  • 88 minutes: A pair of fantastic saves from Lloris.
  • 89 minutes: You have to feel for Martins, that was such a good late push.
  • 90 minutes: The final whistle blows, this one’s over.

That’s a wrap at 6-0 to Spurs. Defoe shows he’s still got it, you’d assume he’d be man of the match and take the ball on with him. A much better performance than that put in on Wednesday, no complaints. Let’s hope this kind of form carries over to the new season. A lot of respect for South China not giving in, putting in a good effort. Let’s go! I’m breaking the game down further on Rap Genius, if you feel like it, get involved! I’ll see you there!


Bonus picture! Here’s Fryers taking a throw in for some reason!


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