WWE Money In The Bank 2013

Well, here it is, my favourite PPV of the year has arrived once again. This is going to be similar to the format used on my NBA reviews, the play-by-play kinda thing. Also, although I’m starting it now, live, I’ll probably watch it again and finish it tomorrow/today, as it’s 1am in the UK. Alright, let’s get to it.

SmackDown Money In The Bank match

  • SD usually kicks these kinds of things off so you shouldn’t be surprised about this. Some inconsequential promos at the beginning, only thing of note is Wade Barrett may, or may not, have a new theme. Well.
  • Wade is a hero, but the repositioning of the ladder for Fandango’s leg drop was pretty obvious haha. I blame the camera man.
  • A couple of minutes in and there have been very few big spots. Nothing new either, as of yet.
  • As I say that, Wade breaks a ladder rung off and starts clobbering. That was nice. Shame the fighting gimmick has never really been expanded on.
  • Cody’s strength impressed me on that…was it a muscle buster? I may be wrong, but whatever, that muscle buster was cool.
  • I’ve decided to publish this now, so you can all see it as soon as possible. Aren’t I great. Live updates from now on, refresh for more!
  • Nice Bullhammer from Wade on top of the ladder. Even nicer sunset flip by Fandango!
  • Ambrose’s finisher is alright, but doesn’t look like a finisher. Still, not being flashy fits his character.
  • That ladder aeroplance spin was nice, reminded me of the old SmackDown vs Raw games. Ambrose skinning the cat to get on the ladder was even cooler.
  • Some nice new spots. Nothing has blown me away, but has been enjoyable so far.
  • Cody could turn face after this one. I don’t know how I hadn’t anticipated the Shield interference but I hadn’t seen it coming. Here come the Usos!
  • Sandow takes it! Looks like Cody may be turning face! I had no idea who I thought would win, probably Ambrose, Barrett or Sandow, looking forward to see where he goes from here.

Not a bad match, but nowhere near the best MITB I’ve seen. Looking forward to the second later on. Here’s my man Brad Maddox! Coolest guy in the WWE right now, no doubt. Looks like he’s going to be a bad guy, can’t complain about that, face GMs don’t really work, do they? Holla holla holla playa. I look down for a second and there’s an incredible video package for Vickie. This is great. Alright, here’s Miz, out of nowhere. Don’t know what happened to Brad, but whatever. Looks like it’s time for…

Intercontinental Championship match: Curtis Axel (c) vs The Miz

  • Miz’s (Miz’?) jacket looks like something out of Zelda
  • Yeah, this hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. I’ll finish this after I sleep, I’ll watch it again in the morning. Don’t hate me for leaving you hanging like this, I promise I’ll finish it. Speak to you (at you) soon.
  • Alright, I’m back! 1:35 the day after, still haven’t watched it. I’ve added a poll though, that could be fun. Okay then.
  • One cool spot, at the end, when Axel kicked the rope into Miz’s face. That was nice.
  • I ragged on Ambrose’s finisher, but Axel’s looks the same, only worse. Why is that his finisher over the Perfectplex? That’s not rhetorical.
  • So this match was just like a modern day Ric Flair vs Curt Hennig. Or not. No surprises Joe Perfect Jr. Axel McGillicutty Genesis picked up the win.

That Divas programme will probably be terrible, but if it’s here in the UK, I will give it a chance. You know why.

Diva’s Championship match: AJ Lee (c) [with Big E. Langston] vs Kaitlyn (with Layla)

  • This match was alright. It got a bit longer than the average TV match, which I guess is to be expected on a PPV. I dunno, this is the first one I’ve seen for a while.
  • Kaitlyn has improved leaps and bounds since that season of NXT (2, I believe?) She’s one of the best in the WWE now, I’d say, for entertainment value.
  • AJ’s finisher is beautiful. Black Widow seems like a bit of an unnecessary name, wasn’t that Victoria’s finisher? Is it that hard to come up with a new name? Whatever, it looks awesome, not many people have got a move that nice in their arsenal, big her up for that one.
  • Unrelated, but I have to cap this off some how – I believe it was two years ago, I went to see NXT when I was in Florida, and AJ was there, looking hot as ever. Wish I had got a photo with her, or even spoke to her or something. Upsetting now, but nothing I can do it about it.
  • Well, I’m going to have to end it here, this was all I watched in the end last night. Next up is the Jericho/Ryback match, I’ll speak to you again after I’ve watched that!
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