Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Right, this is a Facebook game. I apologise in advance. Normally, I’m pretty much against Facebook games, other than Tetris Battles (I believe it’s called that, anyway) and a select few others. I’m pretty much against Facebook on the whole. This game is pretty much what is keeping my Facebook account open.

If you’ve read my previous review on Punisher: War Zone, you’ll know that I briefly revealed my love for Marvel there. It’s particularly centred around the Avengers end of things, much more so than Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil (I could be here a while), which is what initially attracted me to the game around its inception. However, it’s still open however many months later now, and it continues to grow all the time. This is very bad for my social life, as I’m hopelessly addicted to it, but I’m slowly weaning myself off it, just give me time.

Right, classic Thom’s Reviews here, two paragraphs and I’ve said nothing. The game itself is pretty cool for a freemium Facebook game, it’s a turn based RPG, with upgrade elements and PvE and PvP combat. There are limited time operations, little money-making side missions, all sorts. Yeah, so far, so similar to everything else, but this has Marvel characters. This isn’t select a type of orc or elf or something (I have no idea), but your team can consist of one of…lots of characters. Theres Iron Man and Wolverine for the more casual fan, but if you look a bit deeper than that, you can get Fantomex. Fantomex? I have literally no idea who that is, but there we go.

The character selection is a huge draw to be honest. More are being added at least monthly – there are 64 at the time of writing, split into six different classes, which employ a Pokémon-like weaknesses and strengths…well, not triangle. A weaknesses and strengths hexagon. Sort of, Generalists have no weaknesses nor strengths. This is going nowhere. For a list of the heroes in the game, check out this page on the M:AA Wikia. You’re welcome, or something. There are all kinds of alternative costumes and the like too. Some of these are limited time – such as new Iron Man armour and the Iron Patriot suit for War Machine around the release of Iron Man 3. Even more annoyingly, if you miss them, are the limited time heroes – at the same time, Rescue was released. If you play enough (or pay enough) you can get them, but it can be annoying to see [EXPIRED] on the recruit menu. Still, serves me right for taking a break from the game!

Yeah, so you pick your heroes and head off to battle. As an example, I’m playing the game right now. I’ve got the random team of my hero, Kitty Pryde and Quicksilver taking on the Blob, the Hood and some lower-level minions. There is a storyline binding the chapters together, and this is set to be expanded with the upcoming season two, but to be honest, I don’t really care about the story, I just want to destroy villains. For Marvel fans though, the story is cool, bringing together characters that the films won’t allow, so it’s as close to the comic book experience as you’re likely to get. Away from comic books that is.

I know I just said my main attraction is the battles, but that is a complete lie. I just lie recruiting new heroes. That said, I’m not going to spend money on a free to play game, so it’s a slog through the game to get the command points necessary. However, it’s worth it when you’ve worked to add a new character to the select screen. Of course, the shortcut is there, but yeah, I won’t pay for something which could have its servers cut tomorrow.

I don’t really care about graphics to be honest, but should probably mention that this looks quite nice. There you go. I would like to be able to skip the battle animations, but hey, you can’t win them all.

Yeah, I don’t know what else to say about it. I can’t comment on the sounds, as I always have it on mute. What else do people look for in a review? 29 deep and I still can’t answer that, I’m in trouble. I love this game for what it is. I wouldn’t recommend it though, as the life-sucking ability it possesses makes it Farmville for the comic book nerd. Farmville? Is that still popular? That was a half-truth, if you don’t want to get sucked in, don’t start this game. It can take over. However, if you have more restraint than I, then go for it. It’s one of the few Facebook games I can wholeheartedly recommend. There’s a huge community of players on the internet, they can’t all be wrong. Can they? With the second season fast approaching, there may not be a better time to jump on board this Juggernaut!

That was terrible. I can’t end it on a joke that bad. This is the end…now. Hey look, a poll! Crazy! Italics! Go vote! Thanks!


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