Bashy – These Are The Songs

Wow. This is big. I’d originally wanted to do a film next, but I dropped everything for this one. Bashy has done something special here. I know I say that often, but this truly is. If you’ve seen the feedback for it on Twitter, you’d know that everyone agrees with me. Everyone.

If you weren’t born between the 70s and 90s (as an estimate, could be older or younger of course!), you’ll likely just think this is a nice sounding sock, with some cool vocals from Bashy and guest Jareth on the hook. If you were though, this is going to be a trip down memory lane.

Normally I go into some depth about the lyrics, but I’d have to do that about the whole song, so I’ll give that a miss here. I will direct you to the Rap Genius page however – as soon as I heard it, I threw those up and got annotating, because there are so many references thrown in here, it makes great work on there. Bringing back memories of Oxide & Neutrino, The Artful Dodger, DJ Luck and MC Neat (to name a few), there’s something here for everyone who was around during the garage/early grime movement. Bashy’s vocals bring it to life, with his lively sound working perfectly.

The song uses Danny Weed’s Creeper for the instrumental, and it works incredibly. Many of the early comments were simply people stating about how happy they were this was used, and I’m one of them. The lyrics fit the beat, it doesn’t feel forced in the slightest. It just works.

Jareth on the hook. Right, I’d never heard of her before this one, so I had no idea what to expect. Without exaggerating, this hook has put her in my top-5 singers at the moment, it’s beautiful and actually means something, unlike a lot of modern tracks, which unfortunately misuse hooks. Like Bashy’s verses, this too fits perfectly with Danny Creep’s classic. It actually made me nostalgic – despite never actually taping anything from the radio myself, I felt what she was saying. I dunno, the nostalgia throughout the song made me so happy, it brought back memories of so many classics. Especially Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta). Craig David kills everything.

It would be remiss of me to forget about the video. The video is cool, I like simple videos like this, with props that match the lyrics. I liked Elro’s Scrabble video for the same reason. This is very well done, and, although I would have liked more lyrics throughout, I’m not going to fault it for not including them.

I dunno what else to say. Bashy puts out banger after banger when his music is flowing; he’s doing incredibly, especially for an independent artist. If this song gets the recognition it deserves, this should be a chart-topper. I can only hope that it will be. If you haven’t already, go and grab his Crunchy mixtape. And The Great Escape EP. Just grab anything of his, you’re unlikely to be disappointed – Mr. Bish Bash Bosh has got both mainstream and underground appeal; his versatility means that he’s usually got something for different groups – this track is something for everyone.


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