Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

I’m sat here, back in England, at 3:33am, trying to come up with something to put out today. Nothing is inspiring me. I think I feel that after the Escape review, nothing else will be able to top it. I was thinking of doing something ridiculous. I thought of reviewing a dressing gown or a shop. I was very close to doing a website, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Music is my forté, but I tend to do stuff that is already passed (or never in) the public eye, and that doesn’t tend to draw much interest. So, why not something that’s in the charts now? Not much is all that appealing to me, but this is different.

Robin Thicke is the man. I remember, way back when I was a younger Thom’s Reviews. I bought his Evolution of Robin Thicke album due to my — at the time — Lil — I stress it’s over now — Wayne obsession (I’m not going to disable the comments, do you worst!) – I loved a track they did together called All Night Long. After that though, Thicke pretty much slipped from my mind. I’d hear a song from him every now and then, but the only one that stuck in my mind was his collab with Onika Roman, Shaking It For Daddy. That is, until I heard this one.

If you tell me Pharrell had any part in a track, whether production or vocals, I’m going to give it a chance. The man is too smooth (most overused term in my vocabulary, but he truly is) and has been making banger after banger for years. Youngest looking 40 year old man in the world too, it has to be said. Robin and Pharrell work well together. They’ve both got the same smooth vibe going on, and them combined make a track that is sure to something for women; for a man like me, well, I appreciate their talent.

My only problem with the song is T.I.’s verse. I like T.I. I like the guy a lot, I thought his verse on Swagga Like Us was as good as the rest of them, and, while I rarely listen to his solo stuff, I do acknowledge he’s nowhere near as bad as half of the chart stuff these days. I’ve just never really clicked with him as much as I would have liked to, but I’m thinking about getting his newest album and giving it a go. While his verse here is fun and nice to listen to, I just feel as though this song didn’t need a rap verse. It’s strong enough with the two crooners on in, it feels as though TIP has just been pushed to the end; added to appeal to another demographic, which, in actuality, is similar to the other two. I dunno, I’ve nothing against it, but it doesn’t fit as well as I’d like it to, and the fact he appears in the video about a quarter as much as the other two seems to back up what I’m saying. However, I will concede that the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy his verse. I think it’s growing on me.

Song aside, the video is something. Head over to Vimeo and check out the unrated version, as long as you’re over 18, of course! I was going to embed it here, but this is a family show and all that, and I’m not getting marked as NSFW. I just won’t have it. It just appears that they all had a good time, and that makes me have a good time. Several parts of it do anyway. After I published this the first time, I checked the link and it was removed. I fear this may happen again, but if you’re desperate to see it, I’m sure you know how Google works. Yeah.

So, there it is. It’s not 3:33 at this time, I gave up after a while. But it’s done now, so I can relax for another day. I don’t know where this necessity came from, I’m likely cutting down to a post every 2/3 days now. I apologise. I know how much this is going to upset most of you, but they will be just as good as ever. I promise. The song is big. I would recommend it like I usually do at the end of my positive reviews, but if you’re alive and reading this, you’ve likely heard it anyway. Go and give it another listen though. Watch the video, why not? Until next time.


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