Jme – Let’s Roll

Jme is back, with Deeco on board, and this one is huge. I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been listening to grime all that much the past few months, for some reason I’ve been listening to stuff from the US more often. Chamillionaire (check out this review) and Chance The Rapper (this one too) have been taking up the majority of my time, as well as reviews on here. I’m sorry, that was cheap, I’ll get back on topic.

As you probably don’t know, Jme is likely my favourite grime artist, and I always get excited whenever I see a new track from him. I haven’t seen any for a little while, but as soon as I saw this…

I had to go and grab it. That link is there for a reason, so you can get it too. I’ve realised this is less of a review, more of an advertisement, so I’ll get into it.


This is big, kicking off with bars related to Deeco’s Twitter. I have no idea where the “Deeco is Jme” thing started, but those tweets were killing me. I won’t talk about that though, I’ve got too far off track already. The beat is huge though, big up Deeco (whoever the man is) his beats are some of the best in grime at the moment.

Jme’s bars are on form, as always. Whenever I (rarely) see people saying negative things about his lyrics, I feel like it’s because he’s not talking about selling drugs or hurting people, there’s a time for things like that, but Jme is fun. He isn’t about that, and I’m glad he’s managed to build a fanbase on the truth. Contradicting what I just said, songs like “Blam!” are too nice, and this one bar got me.

Don’t run up your mouth, you’ll get a two foot dropkick like my name’s Miguel! (Like Blam!)

I’m sure you know what he’s talking about here, but if not, this will help. Shout out to Balotelli too, that was big. One thing Jamie does especially well are his similies, like the following:

Two of the mandem got beef? Like I’m driving a manual downhill, I’m neutral

His tracks like this one, with references flying around everywhere (“Ketchum like Ash”, “black like Hollister, I’m the stereotype abolisher”) work best in my opinion, because they don’t slow down at all. Keeping the pace up and keeping it entertaining can be difficult, but I feel like that’s why the man is one of the best known names in grime.

Well well well! This was entirely positive. I thought I might have something negative to say, but I’m really feeling this track. The beat is fire, the lyrics were all on point, it made me laugh, there’s really no flaws I can point out. Maybe that it’s too short? It’s not that short though. I dunno, go grab it, at least give the SoundCloud a listen. Let me know what you think.


I gave Jme a tweet with a link to this review. Got a lot of time for him giving me time. Yeah. Big him up!


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