Fry and Leela’s Big Fling

I’ve missed out on Futurama in recent years. It was one of my favourite shows, but for some reason, I’ve never really got around to seeing any of the newer episodes. I think I’ve watched each of the film-episodes of season five, but since then, it’s been very sporadic, if at all. I genuinely can’t remember. Luckily for me, I’m just catching Fry and Leela’s Big Fling, which I believe was the new episode from last week. Major spoilers here. Pretty much everything is spoiled. I like to spoil things, so here’s your warning.

Wow, I was shocked to see Fry and Leela together. I assumed this was a dream sequence, but I guess I just haven’t seen any of the new episodes. For a long time. I enjoyed the Bender mugging, which made their relationship seem fun, even though it seemed like more of a cutaway gag, which wasn’t really the way previous series worked from memory.

“I’m Fry, with the cool red jacket and the walking on sunshine!” – Zoidberg

Not a fan of Leela going off with Sean, he seems like a bit of a dick already. Cheap too, as the rest of the episode revealed. Glad he was gone as soon as he appeared, but he wasn’t too detestable.

Amy: “I’m not sure this marmoset disguise is working”
Zoidberg: “I’m not sure either. We better ask Amy!”

Guenter is back! Hero!

They’re finally alone! An actual romantic moment between them! Now it’s a zoo! I would be shocked, but when looking up the episode name, I read a synopsis. My mistake. Still, a good twist. I enjoyed that. “Please Amy, the act of love is a beautiful and natural — oh God, cover your eyes!” – Zoidberg hits another one out of the park! He’s on fire!

“You know who I hate most? That monkey we haven’t seen in years…Guenter.” – Fry

That one got me. Line of the episode hahaha. This has been less of a review, more of a selection of quotes from the episode.

Slightly disappointed by the lack of Hermes. But that’s because Hermes is a hero, and every episode should have him in it for at least 15 minutes. At least he appeared at the end. “No way!” I thought it would end before the revelation, but Bender’s post-credits scene was great. “YOU WERE IN A ZOO!”

Overall, I’d say it was a good episode. Not the best ever, but still a strong showing. Zoidberg is still as great as he has always been and his lines didn’t disappoint. I like the Fry and Leela relationship, but now that they’re together, it shows that the show is drawing to a close again. A shame, I’ll always have a soft spot for it, and will definitely grab the complete box set when it is released. If all of season seven has been this strong, I look forward to watching the rest!

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