Nokia Lumia 800

This probably isn’t the best time to review this phone, as I’ve just had another problem with it. That said, I think I can be objective about it, it’s given me a lot of good to go with the bad. I should be watching World War Z with the family as I write this, but I’m just not feeling all that good, so I’m currently in alone, writing this. What is wrong with me? Rhetorical question, here’s my review. That’s an awful segue, I’m really struggling here. Here’s a line to break it up.


Much better. Alright, I first got a Windows phone because of my (at the time) unhealthy addiction with getting Xbox Achievements, a phone where I could do that seemed like a perfect fit. I’d heard negative things about them before, but I liked the look of them, the OS, and of course, Achievements (capitalise Achievements? Not sure, I’ll stick with it.)

When I got it, I thought the phone was beautiful. It’s thin, but not flimsy, and I like something that doesn’t insist on having curved edges, it looks special. The square sides go with the tiled operating system, which has thankfully been updated to 7.8. Windows 8 is obviously an improvement, but resizing tiles was something I really wanted, thankfully, after my first phone repair (more on that later), it was there!

The games were a big selling point, and while I enjoy many of them, there’s nothing I’d say is must play. There’s a larger selection on all the other major operating systems, and I would only really recommend it as a gaming phone to those who want to boost their Gamerscore or something. That isn’t me anymore, so, y’know, not much to say there.

One thing I do particularly like is the way contacts link; phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, email, it’s all easy to link together and it all looks clean. I like that a lot, although it’s not a big feature, it’s the little things that please me.

What else can I say? I didn’t think I’d run out of ideas this fast. Umm, you can phone people. Text them too. That’s always useful for a phone. I like the Bing search, as they have a cool background each day. I’d recommend this app that can save these, as they’re always awesome. I think the app is called Bing Wallpaper, check that out. The browser is quick. Very quick. The speaker is good quality too, although I don’t really use it all that much. The camera is pretty good too, nothing to complain about there. I like pretty much all of it. I thought I could go really in depth, but when you read about a phone, what is there to say really? Yes, it’s a good phone.

Of course, there are negative points to the phone too. I’m angry enough that I’m not going to give my usual entirely positive review, and tell you some things I don’t like. The battery life just isn’t enough for starters. True, I do use some of the more high-powered functions, such as games, on the phone, but it needs to be charged very regularly. This seems to be common among most modern phones though, not just Nokias.

I’ve also had to have the phone repaired once, and about to be a second time, because the charger port is so flimsy, it snapped off the first time. This time however, it hasn’t snapped, but for some unknown reason, fails to charge once again. I’ve tried a multitude of actions to fix it, but nothing has worked so far, so I’m left without a decent phone once again.

A final thing that sometimes bugs me is the lack of apps. I’d assume this to be largely down to the comparative age of the system, but it’s missing some of the largest apps, and you would have thought they would have caught up by now. Still, it’s not really bothering me all that much, it’s just something that has to be pointed out. What is on there works for the most part, so I’m not going to complain about that.

Although there are these letdowns, for the most part, the actual experience of the phone has been near-perfect. It rarely slows down, performing very well on most tasks. This is a compliment to Microsoft’s OS, which I’m a big fan of. People seem to judge it before using it, and most criticisms I have seen have been unwarranted. Still, I can’t judge. All I can do, if you want something different, is recommend a Windows phone. If you’re into gaming, then a Nokia is preferable, due to all the timed exclusives, but that’s whatever, you’ll get it eventually. I have noticed that this has turned into a WP7 review more than anything else, but that’s alright. I hope. Yeah, so anyway, have you got a Windows phone? Let me know what you think of them. Until next time!


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