NBA Finals 2013, Game 6

While there are usually circumstances usually meaning I can’t watch most NBA matches — either it’s too late, or not shown at all — here I am, watching what should be the final game of the series. I normally defer to JR for my sports news (speaking of which, go subscribe to the man, he knows his sports), but I couldn’t resist staying up for this one. This isn’t going to be a proper review, just a collection of my thoughts throughout the game. It’s still going on, so it might be a bit of a mess, apologies in advance. Let’s get it.

  • Tim Duncan has looked exceptionally strong throughout. 25pts in the first half alone, half of the Spurs total. Big for the big man. I’ve got a lot of time for Duncan, he’s obviously a great player, but above that, he seems like a good man. If anyone deserves another ring, it’s him.
  • I’m surprised at the lack of influence LeBron has had on the game. Of course, as I type this, he comes in with a huge dunk early on in the fourth. Huge. Got to give him props for that. That cut the lead down to four. Not sweating it yet though, Duncan’s back on.
  • Ginobli isn’t matching his previous performance, but that was going to be hard to do.
  • Leonard’s steal was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while, take the ball, take the two and (if I remember correctly) draw the foul. That was nice.
  • Does Duncan ever lose a jump ball? Man’s too big.
  • Andersen going straight into the first row was crazy. He was back insanely fast too.
  • I’m reading about LeBron getting Nikes saying he’s already won? Not feeling that. Despite going ahead with about 5 to go, I’m still got Spurs ending it here.
  • This has got a “Tottenham’s last match of the season” vibe here for me now, I’m hugely into this. The UK Spurs may not have made the Champions League, but the US Spurs have got the NBA Finals. Do it for Thom of Thom’s Reviews. Please.
  • Adverts. Maaaaan. Suppose I can’t complain if nothing is happening in this time, but there are a lot of them. Also, slightly related, as much as I do enjoy US sports, the breaks are so much more frequent that those more popular in the UK. Not complaining so much as an observation. I guess you probably know that though.
  • Ginobli on that huge run! Nothing stopping him there, that was Juggernaut-esque! Don’t sleep on him.
  • While it’s another time out, I’ll quickly plug NBA Jam on the Windows Phone (probably on other OSs too), but I had this on Xbox and had to grab it on the phone. It actually works and has exceeded all of my expectations. Back to the game.
  • Parker levels it with a beautiful three. This has become a recap. I’m sorry. I’m just excited. Spurs take the lead! I’ll give it a rest, I just hope they can grab the win, as I can’t watch Game 7. Go Spurs go!
  • This is crazy! Tension is high right now. Spurs 5 up with 28.2 to go. James’ fourth has been great, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough. I hope not. Dunno if I should be this biased, but y’know, I can’t lie about being a Spurs fan.
  • Man, I feel for Leonard taking those frees. Shame he missed the first, we’re going to OT. This game is killing me. Allen’s three though. Maaaaaaaaaaan!
  • This OT is even worse. Nothing from me, I’m just going to try to keep my composure.
  • I know what I said, but I have to quickly say something about Green’s defense on that LeBron attempt! Beautiful.
  • True say Spurs should have won though. Let’s be real, that was a foul at the end, and Miami get it? Get out of here. Still, what’s done is done. I just hope Duncan and Co. can get another ring.

Well, we’ve got a Game 7. Wow. That was a mad game. Both teams went in, and I’m going to try to catch the final game. Crazy though, I’m struggling for words, so I’ll end it here. Big up.

Just wanted to add, I watched the Spurs end of the post-game conference. I can’t watch those guys poke at a down team. I felt for Duncan, Parker and Ginobli, still, Thursday is the day to kick it up again! You’ve got this!

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