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Alright, here’s the last old review I could find! There may be more in the future, but from now on, it’s all new content. This was published on the 21st of May, 2012, and got a response from Elro, so it can’t be all that bad! Hope you enjoy it!


Elro. If you haven’t heard that name, then it’s likely you haven’t heard of SB.TV either. His Warm Up Session has in excess of one and a half million views in just after a year, so it’s fair to say he’s getting his name out there. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out now. This review can wait, this is essential viewing. Feel free.

Lazy one, are you? Click this then. It’s cool, I’ll do the work for you.

But anyway, that’s the past. I want to talk about Elro’s new track Scrabble. In my opinion, the stand out track from his mixtape Porcelain Corpse (a free download too, definitely worth picking up.) Definitely something special here, the track features grime heavyweights from two of the biggest groups of all time, Roll Deep’s Manga and Boy Better Know’s Jme. Well, he was known as Jme previously, but since this song was released, he has also been known to go by ‘Orle”.

From start to finish, you can tell this is a track that is so…polished. I couldn’t think of a word to describe it, but production courtesy of Preditah can’t be described in many other ways (on an unrelated note, I do believe that Preditah will, one day, be considered the greatest grime producer of all time. I said that. Yep. He retweeted it and everything.) It is the epitome of, as Elro rightly states, “dirty grime” and quite possibly, the funniest song I have ever heard.

Elro kicks of the party, with numerous topics, such getting a million hits and meeting a million pricks, all the way over to crack duck with a crackpipe for a beak. Also, the genius line “I’m like a black man trapped in the body of a geek, it’s peak” just cannot be ignored.

Manga jumps on the beat next, telling us where the title for the track comes from, when he was asked to write on a wordplay ting, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Yeah bai. Also, a vajazzle reference makes everything better. ‘The one from Roll Deep with the glasses’ concludes his verse with some abstract (to say the least) bars about trains (“you know, you get it, rails, train, choo choo, travel“) which serve to even confuse himself.

Jme is the last on the track, but it’s certainly not like he’s just been pushed out of the way, the Black Zeus can do wordplay with the best of them and this is a testament to that. Going back to Manga’s verse, he asks him to repeat the train lines because it probably went over some listener’s heads, like hair follicles. He also references how he’s the opposite to the Chepstow rapper (“I’m a geek, trapped in the body of a black man see, I’m the opposite of Elro, call me, Orle.“) More epic bars follow, but it would be doing the song an injustice for me to just list the lyrics, you have to listen to it. Jme concludes with my favourite part of the song though, wordplay at its finest-“I wanna make p without anybody noticing. Like a psycho. Or a raspberry. Or a receipt. You can call this monetary deceit.

So yeah. The fact that I can write this much on one track should be testament to the quality. All of these guys are already big in the scene, I can’t see the growth stopping any time soon. Definitely worth listening to if you didn’t click the link earlier. Go download Porcelain Corpse now. Please.

Alright, I want to try to do something to set myself apart from all the other review sites out there, so whenever I do one of these, I want to try to get feedback from the artists themselves. You know, see what they think about what I think. So, here it is, a special present for anyone checking this out. Elro hit me up to tell me what he thought of the piece.

@thom___ love that!

— Elro (@ElroRaps) May 21, 2012

legend RT“@thom___: @ElroRaps big up man, that song actually inspired me to start writing again!”

— Elro (@ElroRaps) May 21, 2012

There you go. Not bad, Thom, not bad at all.

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