Chamillionaire – Rain

I’ll warn you in advance, this is going to be incredibly positive. I’ve made no secret of the fact that this is one of my favourite songs of all time, and I’ve wanted to do another review on a Cham track since the half-finished Tellaheaux Goodbye review. If you want a critical opinion, you’re unlikely to find it here, as this is as close to perfect as any other song I’ve heard.

This was track 11 from Chamillionaire’s debut studio album, The Sound of Revenge, and it features H-Town legend Scarface and Billy Cook on the hook. Now that the formalities are out of the way, here it is.

King Koopa kicks things off with a few bars about others telling him pain is purely psychological, a mindset he already knows, but quickly gets deeper with the fourth bar:

Feeling like Mother Nature’s right behind me with a Gat

This keeps the weather theme going, with the rain being a symbol of harder times; he discusses problems throughout the verse concluding with the following:

God’s telling you “hear you boy”, but you don’t wanna give him trust
Mama telling you pay your tithes, and you yell at her back for what
So the pastor can ride faster, get some rims on his truck
I don’t think that they’ll miss ten percent of negative bucks

This broadens the themes of the song; before it focused on mundane problems, such as flat tires, but here it goes on to discuss the uses of money given for religious purposes, and his own monetary problems, before concluding with a short-term fix for the problems – Hennessy.

The hook is crazy. It wouldn’t do it justice if I was to paste the lyrics here, so give it a listen yourself. Billy Cook has a great voice though, and I’m disappointed I haven’t heard anything from him since. This is one of the most emotional pieces of music I’ve heard though, and I think a lot of it is down to this chorus. Big up.

Scarface jumps on next, continuing the religious vibe, by stating that God knows how he is feeling – smiling on the outside, but feeling as though he’s bound for Hell inside. The verse continues this message, how he can make himself a better person, and how he is influenced by the bad in the world.

Now my eyes got water in ’em
Why the fuck am I still standing here?
Nobody love me, I ain’t happy here

These bars show a vulnerability – as much as the rest of the verse adds to this, I feel that this is where it peaks, unhappy, to the point of tears, he evaluates his feelings, and asks why he continues along the same path. To conclude his verse, he just gives into it, commanding that someone (presumably God) “let[s] it rain”

Chamillionaire rounds it out with a final verse, and this keeps it going in the same manner as the first; while he keeps trying to see the positives, the negatives continue to outweigh them. Struggling to pay bills and family members with illnesses keep weighing down on him – the old adage “what doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger” applies to him, but he’s had so many things make him stronger that the only person on his level is a superman. He finishes the verse by combatting those who say they’ve had it worse, while he is battling this presumed depression:

The storm is moving on, and you thinking these people lying
They saying they had it worse, but how come they all keep on smiling

While it may appear that it ends on a negative vibe, after another hook and singing verse, the female voice featured throughout the album concludes it positively:

When it seems like nothing but dark clouds are raining in on your bright, sunny day
Remember, the sunlight always comes after the rain
You should be thankful, every day should be a celebration of life

I forgot to discuss the beat earlier. It’s perfect for the theme of the song, it’s not a huge radio anthem like Ridin’, instead, it’s a downbeat, simplistic beat, with rain effects in the background. It compliments Cook’s hook perfectly and, if I’m honest, couldn’t be improved. As little as I’ve mentioned it, I’d consider the instrumental to be as essential as any of the vocals.

Well, there it is. While that turned out as more of a lyrical review than I would have liked, it would be remiss if I made this a 300 word paragraph of me saying “I like this song”. As I stated earlier, this is a near perfect song in my opinion, and still Chamillionaire’s masterpiece. It’s so underappreciated that it kills me, but I hope that this reviews gets it out there to a few more people. My man Chamillionaire is still my favourite rapper, and, while he continues to go from strength-to-strength, it’s hurting me how much people are sleeping on him this day. Go grab one of his latest EPs, Elevate or Ammunition. Maybe pre-order his new EP, Reignfall. Actually, if you haven’t got it, go grab The Sound of Revenge. You won’t regret it, I promise. Chamillitary mayne.


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