Mac Miller – Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes

Alright. I wanted to take a look at something that I’m not a fan of, something that I won’t give you 1,000 – 2,000 words about how great it is. If I’m doing that, you probably already know it. I’ll just say it outright, I’m not a fan of the guy. I’ve nothing against him, he has never harmed me in any way, but, I dunno, I just don’t get on with his music at all. Everything I’ve heard from him in the past, I’ve either straight out disliked or kind of passed over it. That said, Mac seems to be as big as he’s ever been around the release of his latest album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, and when I saw he had a Jay Electronica feature, I thought this could be the song to convert me. Was I right? Well, you’re going to find out with me, as this is the first time I’ve listened to it. I’m going to keep the Rap Genius lyric page up, to see if there are any nice bars, let’s get into this.

The production is pretty nice, this is a good sign. I like it, it feels kind of haunting, it’s simplistic but it works. I saw on the RG page that it was produced by Larry Fisherman. I hadn’t heard of him. I now know how ridiculous that was, after finding out that it was a Mac Miller production. He has got one up on me already, so far I feel he’s a better producer than rapper, but that may be about to change.

I don’t know what to think of Mac’s verse if I’m honest. It seems a lot deeper than songs like Donald Trump (as a non-fan, you know that had to come up at some point), but I don’t know if it’s just him using big words and me not taking it in, if you get me. That said, as I haven’t really given him a chance in the past, this is probably the best verse of his that I’ve actually listened to. There were a few bars I felt actually.

I’m sick of being too nice to people who don’t do shit but consume light

I can relate to that to be fair, so that my be why I enjoyed it, but yeah, I thought that was a cool way of saying he’s too good to the people who do nothing but exist and fail to contribute.

I heard you and your girl live in a duplex
I’m a put her ass in a suplex, the sun east, the moon west

I felt that too. It’s probably just the wrestling fan in me saying “he mentioned suplexes wow!”, but after thinking about it a bit (read: looking at this) – despite possible over analysis – it is a hotter bar than I first thought. After listening to this, I think I’ve been too hard on the guy. I don’t think I’m ever going to be a huge fan; his music just don’t appeal to me. That said, his verse was better than I was expecting. For all the good his verse did though, I’m expecting a Renegading from Elec.

If you know Jay Electronica, skip this next bit. I just wanted to take a moment to let those who don’t know about him, know about him. Despite the lack of music he puts out, whenever he does, he gets people buzzing. Rightfully so. This Just Blaze produced Banger Exhibit C is likely his most well known, as well as critically acclaimed work. I’m going to get sidetracked if I start going on about this, so I won’t. I was going to link it here, but I know how little people click links, so I’ll just embed it. Give it a listen, I beg you.

Tangent over, I’ll get to Jay’s verse. I felt this. While it’s not quite Exhibit C, it is a big verse, which uses multiple book metaphors; Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz, before moving on to the creation of Ten Commandments. Other than repeating lyrics, there’s not much I can say, but Elec’s flow kind of reminds me of someone from Wu-Tang. As much as I’m a fan, I’m not sure who it is. I think it’s Meth, but there was something similar about the tone, and the aforementioned flow. I dunno, of course Jay’s his own man, but there’s something familiar about this verse. Not a criticism at all, this as all around be a good song, but I definitely thought this was the stronger of the two verses.

That’s not a knock on Mac Miller though. My exposure to the man has been limited; this is probably the best thing I’ve heard from him. My opinion before was hugely negative, I thought Pharrell was the only positive aspect (from what I heard) of Pink Slime and I didn’t feel Donald Trump at all. I can’t really remember much else, but this has definitely persuaded me to give him another chance. Big up Jay Electronica too, he did his thing, and, as much as I hadn’t expected it, this collaboration worked. Hoping to hear more from both men in the near future!


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