Chamillionaire – Tellaheaux Goodbye

I really didn’t want to bring them all over so quick, but y’know, time waits for no man and all that. The chances of you having seen this before are remote, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter all that much anyway. This was originally published on the 25th of May last year. It was kind of rushed, as I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. I’ve learnt from this though, that’s why it took a little longer to get the Game of Thrones season three finale review out. Enough of this though, here’s the review!


Okay, I haven’t actually done anything like this yet. I just downloaded Chamillionaire’s new freestyle a couple of minutes ago. I’m listening to it for the first time now while I’m typing these words. You know usually you listen to a song more than once before you make a judgement on it? I’m not going to bother with that. You know why? I can tell this is incredible already.

Right, so King Koopa is by far my most played artist of all time. There have been barely any tracks I’ve disliked by him. Actually, none come to mind. Yep. Give me a second…

I didn’t think of anything I disliked, but I did check iTunes for the first time in a while (big up the Zune music player.) A quick search of ‘Chamillionaire’ reveals I’ve got 424 items. Another minute please…

6056 plays according to Yeah, I’ve got far too sidetracked. This was just supposed to be justification for my assumption that I’d like the song. I’ve actually listened to it about four times since I started this. I should probably just delete everything I just wrote, but I don’t want to waste any more time.

Okay, here we go. The actual start. Yup.

So Cham has jumped on 2 Chainz’s track ‘No Lie’. Truth be told, I haven’t actually listened to it, I don’t really listen to rap as much as I used to, but the beat is nice, I’m a big fan. This track is probably going to make me listen to it, so you know, it’s all good there.

I find though, regardless of the beat, it’s Cham’s rapping that makes every song special. I always hear about all the old school rappers being the best of all time, I’m a big fan of the likes of 2pac, Biggie, Big L, even older rappers like Big Daddy Kane are nice too. But I would say that Chamillionaire has the ability to be on that upper echelon, it kills me that he’s not as big as he was circa-Ridin, as he just continues to develop as an artist every track. I need to stop going off on tangents like this, I’m going to wrap this up. This has got so long and I’ve spoke about literally nothing.

This isn’t one of the Cham’s tracks with punchline after punchline, this is an old school sounding track which has silky vocals throughout, punctuating the yarn being spun about the ladies in question. That said, this line is too good not to include.

Got no time for that pillow talk, y’all feminine to my man ways, love ladies, but I let ’em know that my bank account is my man cave

It’s killing me I can’t write more about this, you’ve got to listen to it. It’s a very nice track. Go listen to it now. It’s a free download, what more do you want? It’s another freestyle which has been killed by the Mixtape Messiah. Thank you Cham. Chamillitary mayyyyyyne.


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