Game of Thrones – Mhysa (Season 3, Episode 10)

Alright then, after bringing those two old posts over, here’s something new! If you haven’t seen the season finale yet…what are you doing?! Go watch it! If you insist on reading this first, be warned, there will (obviously) be spoilers! Topping the Red Wedding from the previous episode, The Rains of Castamere was never going to be easy, but Mhysa – Ghiscari for mother – at least managed to keep the pace up. This was based on notes I took, so if anything is incorrect, let me know! I’ll be watching this again in the near future, that’s for sure!

Not all that much of note happens to begin with. The Hound and Ayra kick it off, before heading over to Bran et al. A nice segue from Bran, talking about the Gods being unable to forgive killing a guest under your own roof, leads over to Walder Frey. David Bradley does a fantastic job of being a generally  old man, following on from portraying Filch in the Harry Potter series. At least his true motivations were made clear in this episode. I tend to tune out a bit when anything happens at The Twins, but this seemed as though it would largely be a resolution to Frey being a major role for now.

Sam and Gilly meeting Bran was a great moment after the heartbreak of the previous episode. It was soul-destroying how close people were to getting back to their family – Jon to Bran and Rickon and Ayra to the rest of the Starks – so it was nice to see some characters finally coming together. Also, after having a slightly larger part this week, Hannah Murray has lost the ‘Cassie from Skins’ label from me. Also, while Jon is fresh in my mind, I was glad to see him get back to Castle Black. However, I was less happy to see him desert Ygritte once again. I was hoping those two could actually last. Hey, nothing’s impossible in this show…maybe next season eh? I dunno, I haven’t read anymore than half of the first book, and I doubt I’ll catch up anytime soon.

Theon’s sister is awesome. I haven’t got much else to say on that. Look forward to seeing more from her next season. My lack of segues between paragraphs is disturbing me, but hey, I’ll have to get over it.

Gendry. Also known as Chris from Skins. I dunno, he was cool in Skins, but I’ve never connected with his character here. That said, I didn’t want him to die or anything, so I hope he can just fade out a little now. Nothing wrong with his acting, I should say, just that he never really did much notable, especially after being split from Ayra. Davos freeing him continues to show that he’s a good person and I’m glad he was spared. I feel his kindness will eventually cost him though, unfortunately.

Cersei continues to be a standout character from me. Despite all her flaws, which are many, you can’t hate her. She’s not a really bad person, she’s just in a bad position. From what I’ve heard, she may get worse, but I dunno, I really like her. It may be because Lena Headey is incredible (looking and at acting, of course!) but yeah, I can’t hate her. The same can’t be said about her son, but that’s obvious. As much as you may dislike Frey, Joffrey is so much worse. He hasn’t even gone to that ‘so bad you like them’ level, he is still as detestable as ever!

Tyrion is obviously still a highlight. Everything Peter Dinklage does is great. I’m not going to talk about him anymore, as if you watch the show, you know how good he is.

The Hound and Ayra was great. That was an awesome scene. You know Ayra had something planned, but I just didn’t know how it was going to go down. Her and The Hound create magic on the screen, I feel that the two of them being together is a long-term thing.

That brief appearance from Brienne was nice, she needs to stick around. She’s a fantastic character, unfortunately there’s little else to say about her for now. While Jaime did little of note, it was great to see Cersei happy again. Despite their relationship, I’m just happy that Cersei is happy again. I don’t know if I should dislike her or not, but as I said before, I just can’t.

So, the climax of the episode. You know they couldn’t leave her out for a whole week. The most perfect woman on television, and possibly in the world, Emilia Clarke. I’m just glad to see her accepted. She might as well just start her own kingdom there, if what I’ve (unfortunately) read about the later books is true.

I’ve just realised I’ve become one of those people who references actors by their real names, and as much as it annoys me, I’ve done it anyway! Well yeah, there it is. Now I’ve got the long wait until next year. I don’t know if I can do it. But I do know one thing. If it’s anything like the last three seasons, it’s going to be good.

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