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I love this track. I found out about this through Rap Genius about three months, and I’m so glad I did. This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Jean Deaux has an absolutely incredible voice, and it draws you in from the first moment. Wait. Hold on a minute. Have I just got straight into a review without a long, drawn-out introduction? Looks like I’ve ruined that now, I’ll get back to it!

As I said, Jean Deaux has an incredible voice. An absolutely amazing voice, that reminds me of someone I heard when I was younger, but I have no idea who. It’s smooth, but not boring. It’s the kind of voice I could listen to for hours and still feel the same as the first time. Even though the voices aren’t that alike, in that respect, she reminds me of Corinne Bailey Rae, in having that kind of impact on me.

This song also employs the talents of Saba, on both a verse and production. I’ll get to his verse in a minute, but the beat is nice, it’s calm and chilled, but keeps up the tempo, it’s not slow, and the kicks every now and then work with Jean’s voice. Already in danger of overusing the word “smooth”, it’s all just so…smooth.

This song is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. At the time of writing, I’ve been on holiday for two weeks. It’s the day before I head back, it’s raining outside, and these birds that always walk past have been back again. I know this personal anecdote may not be appreciated, but this feels like a perfect moment for me at the moment, I’m really happy. Here’s a photo of those three birds.


Sorry, I just had to write this, everything felt too good not to. The songs itself is about, as per the Rap Genius description, “giving someone what they want even though it may harm them, because you love them so much.” The description goes onto say “Jean uses this concept to spin the story of Samson and Delilah in the visual that is said to be continued.”

I’m glad they wrote that, because if I tried to, it probably would have been twice as long. But yeah, the lyrics aren’t all literal, it uses metaphors such as in the following bars:

Rain pours on our stained floors, in our rain forest
And the sky leaks
And the angels fall
Did you ever seen it?
Have you ever mean it?

Deaux’s verified explanation on the fourth and fifth bars (viewable by clicking the link there) explain exactly the kind of mindset she went into the song with, and it makes sense. While there are different viewpoints on what the song represents, with obvious drug and sex references, I’m not going to get into that too much, as you may have your own opinion on that. Jean’s hook reinforces the theme of doing what makes someone happy regardless of how it will harm them:

I can get you high
High off love, off life, off death, off crack and meth
If that’s all you wanted

Saba’s verse adds a male perspective, but not in a simplistic manner, the lyrics here are phenomenal. He talks about her allowing him to live how he wants, with it appearing to be a drug-infused lifestyle he prefers. The peak of the song on my opinion comes from some of the final bars of his verse:

My first flight of them 12 steps that we walked up
We’re one story apart
I slave to you like Aesop
My fable written
You erased it

I attempted to explain the lyrics on Rap Genius, which you can read if you click the lyrics. However, I’m going to throw them in here, let me know if you think my explanation is accurate.

The twelve-step programme is a set of principles used by recovering addicts in groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The twelve steps they walked is a reference to their attempt to kick the habit. As the steps go up, this may show that she is a level higher than him, either on the road to recovery, or as a result of drug use.

One story apart is a reference to the previous bar; the twelve steps that separate the two physically, on a different level in the building. However, the story also links to Aesop’s Fables, a collection of tales written by Aesop c620-560 BCE. Aesop himself, besides being a story-teller, was thought to be slave; Saba uses this to show his devotion to her.

Saba also believed that his story was already written, however she deleted this, changing what he believed his future to be.

To conclude this tangent, I sent that to Jean, but I can’t find her reply. I could, however, find Saba’s.

Yeah, so after this verse, the hook repeats before the track ends. Like I said, I think this track is absolutely beautiful. The video is simple, but cool, and it works well to add to the song. I’m less focused on that than the lyrics though, so I’ll leave it at that. I implore you to check the song out, you won’t be disappointed.


You know sometimes, something happens, and it makes everything good? That’s just happened for me. I love it when I can get the subject of my review to give them a read, and I’ve only had positive feedback, likely because my reviews have almost entirely been on things I’ve liked. That said, today, Jean’s reply has made this entire WordPress account worthwhile. I dunno, I haven’t got any more words for this at the moment. Thank you.


Another Futurama post! Getting these up while I can watch the newer episodes, it feels good to do something as it’s happening. Just watched some South Park and adverts for this episode, looks like it’s going to be a Lrrr episode. I’m enjoying this already! Let’s get into it! Spoilers ahoy!

  • The Finder Outer would be an incredible show. Yes.
  • Lrrr’s a deceptively deep character, as shown by the episode with Bigfoot and the human horn. I like Lrrr a lot.
  • Gary, Indiana. I don’t know if there is a real joke there, or if they just picked on a random city, but that made me laugh.
  • Hermes the stoner is always good for a laugh. His lack of knowledge on the ship was good too.

Hermes: “I’ll go with…erm…”

Zoidberg: “Screwed again, my friend!”

  • This, and the previous episode have shown me one thing. While the show is still one of the strongest cartoons, particularly for adults, it’s not the same as it used to be. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different. I’m not complaining, it’s just something I’ve noticed.
  • Jrrr finding Fry in the E.T.-esque manner was familiar, I just realised I saw an episode of American Dad with something similar happening with Roger yesterday or the day before.
  • Fry and Jrrr impersonating Lrrr. That was great.
  • Bender going One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest on the bed was cool, but the best moment of that scene was messing with the answering machine. That was well done, I enjoyed that.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever watched all of E.T., but the references are working for me here.
  • Jrrr seems likeable, which is unlikely for a child in Futurama. Most of them are less than enjoyable.

Fry: “Hi, Mr. Lrrr”
Lrrr: “ARGH!”

  • The above quote got a genuine laugh from me. I just didn’t expect it, still smiling thinking about it.
  • It’s the break at the moment. Imagine if they threw a complete curveball and just killed Fry off. I don’t want it to happen, and I’m sure it won’t, but y’know, would be very unexpected!
  • Also, what happened to the Robot Devil? I miss him, The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings is one of the best episodes of the show. I wouldn’t have complained if that was the last episode, but I’m glad they came back for a few more seasons. Not sure if they’ll be able to top that in this coming series finale though.
  • Shame I won’t be able to see the octopi/octopuses episode next week!
  • Lrrr continues to kill it. One of the best characters, particularly in this series. “He’s escaping on a bicycle powered by love…WHICH IS AN ORDINARY THING ON THIS PLANET!”
  • Drrr, the doctor. Hahaha, there can’t be that many different names on Omicron Persei 8.
  • “This lame cape” “It’s not lame, it’s lamé!” – Line of the episode.
  • Lrrr shows his sensitive side again. So does Bender, surprisingly!
  • The E.T. finger-touching scene is reenacted using the…backsides of Lrrr and Fry. Cool. I’m not sure how to wrap this bullet-point up.
  • Leela made out with Bender thinking it was Fry. Awww!

I really enjoyed this episode. It was something different, and it paid off. This is a good season, and looks to be a fitting conclusion to one of the defining programmes of my childhood. Hope the rest of it is as good as this week’s episode!

Jme is back, with Deeco on board, and this one is huge. I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been listening to grime all that much the past few months, for some reason I’ve been listening to stuff from the US more often. Chamillionaire (check out this review) and Chance The Rapper (this one too) have been taking up the majority of my time, as well as reviews on here. I’m sorry, that was cheap, I’ll get back on topic.

As you probably don’t know, Jme is likely my favourite grime artist, and I always get excited whenever I see a new track from him. I haven’t seen any for a little while, but as soon as I saw this…

I had to go and grab it. That link is there for a reason, so you can get it too. I’ve realised this is less of a review, more of an advertisement, so I’ll get into it.


This is big, kicking off with bars related to Deeco’s Twitter. I have no idea where the “Deeco is Jme” thing started, but those tweets were killing me. I won’t talk about that though, I’ve got too far off track already. The beat is huge though, big up Deeco (whoever the man is) his beats are some of the best in grime at the moment.

Jme’s bars are on form, as always. Whenever I (rarely) see people saying negative things about his lyrics, I feel like it’s because he’s not talking about selling drugs or hurting people, there’s a time for things like that, but Jme is fun. He isn’t about that, and I’m glad he’s managed to build a fanbase on the truth. Contradicting what I just said, songs like “Blam!” are too nice, and this one bar got me.

Don’t run up your mouth, you’ll get a two foot dropkick like my name’s Miguel! (Like Blam!)

I’m sure you know what he’s talking about here, but if not, this will help. Shout out to Balotelli too, that was big. One thing Jamie does especially well are his similies, like the following:

Two of the mandem got beef? Like I’m driving a manual downhill, I’m neutral

His tracks like this one, with references flying around everywhere (“Ketchum like Ash”, “black like Hollister, I’m the stereotype abolisher”) work best in my opinion, because they don’t slow down at all. Keeping the pace up and keeping it entertaining can be difficult, but I feel like that’s why the man is one of the best known names in grime.

Well well well! This was entirely positive. I thought I might have something negative to say, but I’m really feeling this track. The beat is fire, the lyrics were all on point, it made me laugh, there’s really no flaws I can point out. Maybe that it’s too short? It’s not that short though. I dunno, go grab it, at least give the SoundCloud a listen. Let me know what you think.


I gave Jme a tweet with a link to this review. Got a lot of time for him giving me time. Yeah. Big him up!

I’ve missed out on Futurama in recent years. It was one of my favourite shows, but for some reason, I’ve never really got around to seeing any of the newer episodes. I think I’ve watched each of the film-episodes of season five, but since then, it’s been very sporadic, if at all. I genuinely can’t remember. Luckily for me, I’m just catching Fry and Leela’s Big Fling, which I believe was the new episode from last week. Major spoilers here. Pretty much everything is spoiled. I like to spoil things, so here’s your warning.

Wow, I was shocked to see Fry and Leela together. I assumed this was a dream sequence, but I guess I just haven’t seen any of the new episodes. For a long time. I enjoyed the Bender mugging, which made their relationship seem fun, even though it seemed like more of a cutaway gag, which wasn’t really the way previous series worked from memory.

“I’m Fry, with the cool red jacket and the walking on sunshine!” – Zoidberg

Not a fan of Leela going off with Sean, he seems like a bit of a dick already. Cheap too, as the rest of the episode revealed. Glad he was gone as soon as he appeared, but he wasn’t too detestable.

Amy: “I’m not sure this marmoset disguise is working”
Zoidberg: “I’m not sure either. We better ask Amy!”

Guenter is back! Hero!

They’re finally alone! An actual romantic moment between them! Now it’s a zoo! I would be shocked, but when looking up the episode name, I read a synopsis. My mistake. Still, a good twist. I enjoyed that. “Please Amy, the act of love is a beautiful and natural — oh God, cover your eyes!” – Zoidberg hits another one out of the park! He’s on fire!

“You know who I hate most? That monkey we haven’t seen in years…Guenter.” – Fry

That one got me. Line of the episode hahaha. This has been less of a review, more of a selection of quotes from the episode.

Slightly disappointed by the lack of Hermes. But that’s because Hermes is a hero, and every episode should have him in it for at least 15 minutes. At least he appeared at the end. “No way!” I thought it would end before the revelation, but Bender’s post-credits scene was great. “YOU WERE IN A ZOO!”

Overall, I’d say it was a good episode. Not the best ever, but still a strong showing. Zoidberg is still as great as he has always been and his lines didn’t disappoint. I like the Fry and Leela relationship, but now that they’re together, it shows that the show is drawing to a close again. A shame, I’ll always have a soft spot for it, and will definitely grab the complete box set when it is released. If all of season seven has been this strong, I look forward to watching the rest!

I had completely forgotten about this. I did this a while back on Rap Genius, my views on the 2012–13 Tottenham Hotspur Squad. As it’s primarily my opinion, why not bring it over here too? So yeah, here it is. I finished this about a month ago, so some views may be a bit outdated, as well as the fact that it doesn’t reflect the players who have since been released, such as Big Game Gallas; regardless, here’s something to look forward to, I’ll likely be doing another one of these next season! Woo! Let’s get into it, I’ve left the appropriate Rap Genius links in and all that, so you can check it out with pictures and stuff. Yeah!


Manager: André Villas-Boas – Undoubtedly the coolest manager in the Premier League (as shown by this Facebook comment), the man has had a beautiful first season at White Hart Lane. AVB, or Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas to give him his full name, had a great season prior at Chelsea but was dismissed at the end of the season; well, their loss was our gain as he seamlessly integrated himself into the club. His debut season with the Lilywhites was a nice one, and as he gets to know the club, he’s only going to get better and better!

GK: 1 Heurelho GomesGomes has been a notable absentee from the team this season, agreeing to go on loan to 1899 Hoffenheim on the final day of the January transfer window. After his first match, Hoffenheim manager Marco Kurz had this to say about Gomes’ debut:

Gomes has shown a very solid performance. Although he has only trained once with us, his aura was strong.

His performance didn’t decline, as he was made captain by his third match. Unfortunately, Gomes’ season came to a premature end when he broke his metacarpus on the 6th of April. Everyone is hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

FW: 2 Clint DempseyClint Dempsey is the interim captain of the United States national team. Not really relevent, but it still counts for something! Clint has had a very nice season, he scored his first, and the eventual match-winning goal for Tottenham in a 3–2 win over Manchester United. This was the first time in 23 years that Tottenham had won at Old Trafford. Clint also had a lovely, if unexpected goal to tie the penultimate game of the season up against Stoke. Got to give props to Deuce for that one!

DF: 4 Younès Kaboul – Unfortunately Kaboul only managed one appearance in the past season; not playing another game since he aggravated a knee injury following the opening match of the season at Newcastle. Hopefully he can get back to first-team form in time for next season — prior to this season, he was one of the most consistent centre backs on the team, and I’m pleased to say the signs are looking good!

DF: 5 Jan VertonghenVertonghen has been one of the most consistent forces on the Spurs squad this season, being named the Premier League Player of the Month for March 2013 and earning a place on the 2012-13 PFA Team of the Year. Despite being a defender, he’s not afraid to mix it up, netting himself 6 goals in all competitions this season. With a burning desire and drive to play, one thing is for sure, this season isn’t the last we’ve seen of Jan the Man!

MF: 6 Tom Huddlestone – An ever present threat in the squad, Huddlestone has had a good season, getting himself four assists over the the 20 Premier League games he played since coming back from injury the season prior. Now we just wait and see what the midfielder can do next season! Also, I’ve got to give a shout-out to his hair too! Big!

MF: 7 Aaron Lennon – Lennon has had a big year this year, scoring four goals and gaining eight assists, as well as being named captain for the first time in his tenure at Tottenham! Couple that with a contract extension to 2016, the future at White Hart Lane looks bright for Azza!

MF: 8 Scott Parker – Despite playing his first game of the season mid-December, ever since it has been hard not to pay attention to Parker. Actually, I’ll let William Saletan explain this, as he has put it much more eloquently that I’d be able to!

What Parker does instead is win games. He does this not by punctuating the match but by controlling it. He smothers oncoming attacks. He forces opponents off the ball. He orchestrates distribution out of the back, setting in motion a Spurs onslaught that will culminate 60 yards downfield … You can’t watch the game up close without noticing Parker.

“You can’t watch the game up close without noticing Parker.” Sums it up really!

FW: 10 Emmanuel AdebayorAdebayor. Where to begin? After playing for Arsenal, Man City and Real Madrid, he finds himself at Tottenham. Despite struggling to find his form during the majority of the season, he became a key player in the later fixtures of the season, securing a draw against Chelsea and a win against Stoke. Don’t worry Ade, I never lost faith in you.

MF: 11 Gareth BaleGareth Bale. Does he really need an annotation? If you’re on the Rap Genius page for Tottenham’s 2012-13 squad, you know who this man is. The PFA Players’ Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year and a member of the PFA Team of the Year; if you were to draw up who you wanted on a dream team of the past year, he’s likely going to be on top of your list.

Don’t ever leave us Gareth. AVB loves you, and so do we.

DF: 13 William Gallas (vice-captain) – Despite being vice-captain, Gallas has had little time on the pitch this season. Playing 19 matches and picking up a goal shows that he still has it though; we will have to wait until next season to see what the French defender will bring to the table!

DF: 16 Kyle NaughtonKyle Naughton has played a solid defensive position this season, giving the opposition a difficult time trying to score in his 26 appearances. With Naughton going on loan several times in the last few years, (to Middlesbrough, Leicester City and Norwich City) it was nice to have him back on our squad. We will have to wait see what he makes of next season!

FW: 18 Jermain DefoeJermain Defoe is a warrior. A striker on-and-off (for a season at Portsmouth) for Tottenham since 2004, the 2012-13 season was great for the play he recieved, scoring 15 goals, taking himself to joint-seventh place on the all-time Tottenham Hotspur scorers list. As well as that, he bagged himself another two goals for England too! Another year, another season coming up for Defoe, but one thing seems certain, he’s bound to add to his goal tally in the 2013-14 season!

MF: 19 Mousa Dembélé – Being one of Spur’s major transfers prior to the season did not put any pressure on Dembélé, scoring on his debut against Norwich City, as well as putting Lyon out of the Europa League with a 90th minute goal. Next year is set to be just as big for midfielder from Belgium!

DF: 20 Michael Dawson (captain)Michael Dawson is definitely a worthy captain of the squad; as Carlos Tevez stated:

I know he doesn’t play for England, but he is the best English defender I have played against.

You can’t really say much more than that. Scoring two goals in the 34 appearances he had this season, there’s not much else you can ask of from a defender. After he almost slipped away to QPR, we were fortunate to retain his services! Hopefully 2013-14 will be even bigger for him!

MF: 22 Gylfi SigurðssonSigurðsson is one of the most exciting players on the Spurs squad. Before coming to White Hart Lane, he was voted player of the season for two consecutive seasons; for Reading in 2009-10 season and in 2010-11 for Hoffenheim respectively, and his form certainly isn’t any lower here. The Ice Man has grabbed himself 7 club goals this season, including a beautiful lob against Basel.

MF: 23 Lewis Holtby‘Lucky’ Lewis Hotlby is a man of ambition. Playing 17 games this season, you can’t help but feel he is going to come back next season bigger and better. Despite his lack of goals this season, he has been a pivotal player at times, providing two assists; next season will likely see his eye for goal come into full effect.

GK: 24 Brad Friedel – Despite getting older, Friedel is still a reliable hand to have around the pitch, it’s less about age and more about experience in this case! Joining the club in 2011, he has extended his deal to 2014, so, despite Lloris being played more regularly as of late, there’s plenty of time for the American to get some more clean sheets, you know he’s going to do it!

DK: 25 Hugo Lloris – The go-to keeper for Villas-Boas this season, and with good reason; the French number one is also their captain and one of the most consistent keepers in the world. Lloris has had a great season, with some incredible saves. His play in December 2012 earnt him a nomination for Barclays Premier League Player of the Month for December 2012, as he only conceded four goals in six games. Next year is looking just as big for this man!

DF: 28 Kyle Walker – I genuinely feel Kyle Walker is a player than any team would be happy to have. Yeah, he might get heated a bit more than he probably should, but that just shows his passion for the game. Setting up six goals in his 50 appearances, his blistering pace, as well as his strength show this man is full of positives. Only aged 22, in a few years (if not sooner), he’ll be one of the most highly-rated defenders in the country. Mark my words.

MF: 29 Jake Livermore – Something of a quiet season for Jake Livermore this year, he played just 19 matches across all competitions, but don’t let that fool you, being called up for England in their 2-1 win over Italy shows that there is a great deal of talent in the man. Hopefully next season the 23 year old will get more chances to show it! We know he is commited to the team; after his goal in 2009 against Barca, he was asked what it was like to score against the best team in the world. His reply?

Score against the best team in the world? I play for them.

You’re right Jake. I’m still proud of you for that one.

MF: 30 Sandro Raniere – Similarly to Kaboul, Sandro’s season came to a premature end, picking up a knee injury against QPR. Again similarly to Kaboul, we can only hope this isn’t still having an impact by the time next season rolls around! Prior to that, Sandro had managed a goal and two assists, definitely a shame to lose the man early!

DF: 32 Benoît Assou-Ekotto – Something of a disappointing season for Assou-Ekotto, playing just 15 Premier League games this season, as a result of a knee injury after three games, making his return three months later. However, in the time he did play, he shows that the injury has done nothing but fuel his flame, with some great performances this season. Stating that he wants to see out his career at the Lane, the commitment, dedication and all-round play of the French defender makes him one of the most reliable and consistent players on the team.

DF: 33 Steven Caulker – In 18 Premier League games this season, Caulker has managed to score two, grab an assist and take 14 shots. Great stuff for anyone, that’s for sure, but for a defender, that’s an impressive tally! However, toward the end of the season, his appearances became more sporadic, hopefully we’ll get to see more of the big man next season!

MF: 46 Tom Carroll – Despite only being 20, Tom Carroll looks as though next season may be a big one for him. He made his Premier League debut on the 3rd of November, replacing Kyle Walker in the 79th minute of a 1-0 defeat at home to Wigan Athletic. Despite the loss, he had a strong showing in his first match and garnered a lot of praise. Hopefully next season, that form will carry over!

This probably isn’t the best time to review this phone, as I’ve just had another problem with it. That said, I think I can be objective about it, it’s given me a lot of good to go with the bad. I should be watching World War Z with the family as I write this, but I’m just not feeling all that good, so I’m currently in alone, writing this. What is wrong with me? Rhetorical question, here’s my review. That’s an awful segue, I’m really struggling here. Here’s a line to break it up.


Much better. Alright, I first got a Windows phone because of my (at the time) unhealthy addiction with getting Xbox Achievements, a phone where I could do that seemed like a perfect fit. I’d heard negative things about them before, but I liked the look of them, the OS, and of course, Achievements (capitalise Achievements? Not sure, I’ll stick with it.)

When I got it, I thought the phone was beautiful. It’s thin, but not flimsy, and I like something that doesn’t insist on having curved edges, it looks special. The square sides go with the tiled operating system, which has thankfully been updated to 7.8. Windows 8 is obviously an improvement, but resizing tiles was something I really wanted, thankfully, after my first phone repair (more on that later), it was there!

The games were a big selling point, and while I enjoy many of them, there’s nothing I’d say is must play. There’s a larger selection on all the other major operating systems, and I would only really recommend it as a gaming phone to those who want to boost their Gamerscore or something. That isn’t me anymore, so, y’know, not much to say there.

One thing I do particularly like is the way contacts link; phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, email, it’s all easy to link together and it all looks clean. I like that a lot, although it’s not a big feature, it’s the little things that please me.

What else can I say? I didn’t think I’d run out of ideas this fast. Umm, you can phone people. Text them too. That’s always useful for a phone. I like the Bing search, as they have a cool background each day. I’d recommend this app that can save these, as they’re always awesome. I think the app is called Bing Wallpaper, check that out. The browser is quick. Very quick. The speaker is good quality too, although I don’t really use it all that much. The camera is pretty good too, nothing to complain about there. I like pretty much all of it. I thought I could go really in depth, but when you read about a phone, what is there to say really? Yes, it’s a good phone.

Of course, there are negative points to the phone too. I’m angry enough that I’m not going to give my usual entirely positive review, and tell you some things I don’t like. The battery life just isn’t enough for starters. True, I do use some of the more high-powered functions, such as games, on the phone, but it needs to be charged very regularly. This seems to be common among most modern phones though, not just Nokias.

I’ve also had to have the phone repaired once, and about to be a second time, because the charger port is so flimsy, it snapped off the first time. This time however, it hasn’t snapped, but for some unknown reason, fails to charge once again. I’ve tried a multitude of actions to fix it, but nothing has worked so far, so I’m left without a decent phone once again.

A final thing that sometimes bugs me is the lack of apps. I’d assume this to be largely down to the comparative age of the system, but it’s missing some of the largest apps, and you would have thought they would have caught up by now. Still, it’s not really bothering me all that much, it’s just something that has to be pointed out. What is on there works for the most part, so I’m not going to complain about that.

Although there are these letdowns, for the most part, the actual experience of the phone has been near-perfect. It rarely slows down, performing very well on most tasks. This is a compliment to Microsoft’s OS, which I’m a big fan of. People seem to judge it before using it, and most criticisms I have seen have been unwarranted. Still, I can’t judge. All I can do, if you want something different, is recommend a Windows phone. If you’re into gaming, then a Nokia is preferable, due to all the timed exclusives, but that’s whatever, you’ll get it eventually. I have noticed that this has turned into a WP7 review more than anything else, but that’s alright. I hope. Yeah, so anyway, have you got a Windows phone? Let me know what you think of them. Until next time!

A new category for you. That’s exciting isn’t it? No? Well, it’s happening regardless. As the Xbox 360 comes to the end, well, not to the end, but comes close to being outdated, I thought this was a good time to take a look back at, in my opinion, the defining console of this past generation.

I was a PS2 guy the generation before, and never thought I’d go near a Microsoft console. It’s just a case of you prefer what you have though, isn’t it? When all my friends got a 360, I wanted one too. As much as I wanted a PS3, no one else did, so I just went for it eventually. I didn’t regret it.

I think I got it on the NXE dashboard, I loved the original blades design, and was upset that I never got to use it, but hey, I got over it. When people go on about the past too much, it gets me down, so I feel it’s always best to just deal with it, especially in unimportant matters such as this. That was a mood-dampening tangent, I apologise for that! I always got excited when there was a dashboard update, despite everyone on the internet complaining about having to pay for Gold and then getting adverts anyway, it never really bothered me. It can be annoying, but it’s always more acceptable when you get an avatar reward for watching. Take note, Xbox One advert designers.

When I first got it, it was for the achievements. I had played it around a friend’s house and got some, from then I was hooked. I love having something that binds everything you do together. I still love them now. But yeah, I got the console with Mass Effect, Forza 2 and Halo 3. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really enjoy any of them. Now, I would go back to ME, as I’ve enjoyed the rest of the series, but at the time I didn’t appreciate it. I liked Forza most of those three, and played it a fair bit, but I’m not that big on driving games. Halo. Halo…Halo, to me, is probably the most overrated franchise of all time. Not bad, but nowhere near the best FPS I’ve ever played as I had assumed it would be prior.

Most of the games I have enjoyed have been multi-platform, but have contributed so much to my enjoyment of the console, it still counts as points as to why I love it. Games such as L.A. Noire, Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption, have all been classics of this generation. I could reel off many games I enjoyed, but I’m not really in the mood for that, just check out my True Achievements page for more information, if you’re interested.

Multiplayer has been an aspect which became much more important to me this generation. While I enjoy playing with others, especially friends over Live, I find the fact that couch co-op is less common upsetting. It’s always nice to play with people in the same room, and it’s unfortunate, but seems to be the way the industry is going.

I enjoyed the Kinect to be honest. As much as I don’t have enough room to use it properly, I do think it’s a good device. I’m not looking forward to it being a necessity next generation, but hey, if that’s the way they’re going, then there’s no point fighting it. Still, it’s a laugh, if you can get it to work, it’s a fun little time killer. Not at parties, as people advertise it. Party games? Really? Maybe for children, but when people say “this is great at parties”, you’re not going to be able to say “hey everyone, out the way, we’re going to play Fruit Ninja Kinect!” at a house party. Someone will probably vomit on you. This is going nowhere, I’ll wrap this bit up.

So, the inspiration for this was, as previously stated, the upcoming Xbox One. For all the jokes people made about the always online and second-hand prevention measures being put in place, now they have been reneged, and Microsoft are back on the same level as Sony. It never put me off to be honest, but I’m much happier now. As of now, I’m definitely going to be a Microsoft boy next generation. The sharing stuff of the PS3 has done nothing to impress me, and being a 360 owner, all of the focus on other media (than games) is nothing new to me. It really doesn’t bother me, as long as it plays game, it pays to focus on other markets too.

So yeah, there’s my brief look at my experience with the 360. It’s obviously been positive, as it has been enough to ensure I’m sticking with them next generation. Thank you Microsoft, see you in the winter! Well, that’s not true. I’m sure I’ll be using many Microsoft-manufactured products before the winter. Oh, and before I forget, the next review up with be another product from the same family, my most recent phone, the Nokia Lumia 720. Until then, have a nice day!