I’m hopping on this far too late, but it’s such a banger it’d be an injustice if I didn’t discuss it. If you don’t know about Run The Jewels, you’re in for a treat. I’d even recommend Mike and Jaime’s second outing to people who don’t like rap – I’m sure most would be able to appreciate why RTJ2 has garnered the praise it has. Here’s the video for you, so you can listen to this while you read what I have to say. Why would you have it any other way? Should probably say the video is a little NSFW, unless you work in a strip club or something, in which case, go nuts.

Things start off frantically with a hard-hitting beat punctuated by distorted use of the title of the song; El-P and co. have created something special with this one. Despite the strength of “Jeopardy”, I see this as the true start of the album; when you hear Michael Winslow tell you “you are now listening to Run The Jewels 2”, you know things are about to kick off.

Of course, El-P starts as he means to go on with an abrasive attack on both the law and the world at large, with nods to Pimp C and B.I.G. thrown in for good measure – the second instalment continues just where the first left off in terms of lyricism, and the pair show no signs of slowing down as Killer Mike soon joins in, bringing so much contrasting imagery that perhaps shouldn’t work, but it all fits together so naturally, you’d never question how he transitions talking about a ballerina, a ski mask, opera signers and losing fingers in the space of a few bars.

The two trade verses back-to-back (literally if you’re watching the video), with a particular highlight coming in the transition between the third and fourth as both talk about what their good at – namely rap and sex – before moving on to the next topic in a matter of seconds. Bars never stop flying at you, especially going into the sixth verse as the beat ups in intensity allowing the pace to pick up further. It’s not a crazy Bone Thugs speed rap, but it once again reaffirms the credentials of two of the finest doing it right now.

My personal highlight comes as El-P ends his final verse, with a nod to Ridley Scott’s classic “Alien”

I make the trip, you better pay
Done worse for less, don’t make my day
I’m not from Earth, from far away
I bust through chests like baby greys

I think I’ll leave it at that. I’ve got nothing but the best to say about this album and the tracks included in it, this was just the one I wanted to cover for now. I could talk about how I can’t wait for the remix album “Meow The Jewels 2”, featuring cat sounds in place of the instrumental. I could talk about their upcoming Deadpool and Howard the Duck comic variant covers, which I’m really hoping to grab. I’ve just realised in saying “I could talk about”, I have actually been talking about. I’m bad at wrapping this up – let’s just say go give it a listen if you haven’t already – you might like it.


Alright, this is big news for a lot of people – following in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, CM Punk is the latest former-WWE star to jump over to the world of mixed martial arts! I’m looking forward to seeing this; despite Punk being 36, his personality seems wily and cunning, so I think he can use his brains to be effective in the octagon. That said, as he himself states, it’s now or never for him, and while he plainly states that this is his new career, a poor debut showing could see that it is a very short career indeed. This is less of a review, and more an opportunity to get this transcript up, so you can check out the announcement yourself. Let me know what you think of Punk (Phil Brooks now?) linking up with Dana White and co.; how do you think he’ll do? What weight would you like to see him at? Who would you like to see him fight?

Joe Rogan: Alright ladies and gentlemen, I am here with none other than CM Punk. If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you know this man, but your wrestling days are over – you have decided to enter the octagon and fight mixed martial arts professionally.

CM Punk: Yeah, well, I’d say my professional wrestling days are over, I’m sure I’ll have to do lots of wrestling in there! It’s very awesome to be here. It’s very awesome to be here.

JR: How long — I know you’ve been training with Rener and Ryron Gracie for quite a while, you’ve been around the UFC for quite a while. How long have you been contemplating this, and what ultimately influenced your decision?

CM: You know, this is something that’s been in the back of my mind for a very, very long time. I have a background in kenpo. I’ve done Brazilian jiu-jitsu off and on for a very, very long time. But the idea of being able to step in the Octagon and find out what’s inside myself and test myself is an opportunity I was not able to deny myself. I don’t think I would be able to live myself — live with myself — if I didn’t give this a shot.

JR: So is this something that, watching people like Brock Lesnar become very successful in the UFC; seeing all the fights, seeing it live, you just felt like it’s just now or never, you only have a certain amount of time in this life.

CM: Yeah, I mean, I felt like it was now or never about three years ago. I resigned with the WWE, and I tried to give that the old college try, and it is now or never for me. I have a limited window just like all fighters do and I fully intend to get in there, and I’m here for a fight; I’m either here to get my ass kicked, or kick somebody’s ass.

JR: Now is this a one-time adventure, or are you considering this as your new career?

CM: No, this is my new career, 100%. I’m going to go full steam ahead, all systems go after today, and it’s going to be fun. I have nothing but respect for everybody here in the UFC, everybody who steps into the octagon to fight. When all is said and done, when I’m finished, everybody is going to have to respect me, because I have come here to fight.

JR: And what weight will you be competing at?

CM: That is something that is up in the air, you know, most likely middleweight? I’m going to do a test weight cut, see how I feel, and the option, I think, for welterweight might be there, but certainly not light-heavyweight.

JR: And what camp will you be training out of, who will you be training with for this?

CM: That’s something you’re going to have to stay tuned for. You know, I’ve talked to a few people, but I didn’t want to tip my hat as to why I was actually enquiring with certain camps, I didn’t want to give it away; I wanted to make sure today was like the launch. Now that this is public, you’ll probably find out very soon where I’m going to go.

JR: Well this is very exciting, it’s very gutsy of you to do.

CM: I’m very excited!

JR: I can tell you’re very thrilled! I’m excited to call your fight, I can’t wait to see you inside there, and good luck to you sir.

CM: Luck is for losers Joe Rogan, thank you very much!

JR: Luck is for losers says CM Punk! I’ll take as much luck as I can get!

I’d just like to apologise for never getting the Twin Peaks “Traces to Nowhere” review up. I’ll get on that soon…hopefully!

Right okay, here’s something new for you. The intense build up for this long anticipated rematch is about to come to a head here in Liverpool, and I’m on hand to cover the whole event! There is, of course, a caveat here (hence the asterisk) – I know very little about scoring in boxing. I had initially intended to give a brief play-by-play for each round, but I realised that my lack of knowledge would limit this greatly, so I’ll give a little recap of each bout; I can probably stretch to that. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

Fight one: McDonnell defeats Chacon by referee stoppage due to a dislocated shoulder [TKO10] (Prediction: McDonnell)

I have to be honest, I accidentally put Chacon as my prediction, and I apologise for that if you think it’s a bit of a cop-out in changing it. Genuinely typed the wrong name though – my bad. It has been corrected now (following the Quigg bout – better late than never eh?), we’re all good. Despite not being the most exciting bout I’ve ever seen, it’s a shame to see it end with what looks to be a dislocated shoulder. Never fun to see a fighter call if off themselves like that, but I can’t complain about Team UK picking up the first win. That isn’t a thing in boxing, is it? I’m not keen to make it on either, let’s move on.

Fight two: Smith defeats Sjekloca by unanimous decision [118-111, 120-108, 118-110] (Prediction: Smith)

Well, at least I’ve got one right, that’s better than some of my previous attempts. You could see he had this one in the bag following the fourth, as, although there was some kind of resistance later on, the beating Smith put down in the last minute took something out of the big 36 year old. A deserved win with some big margins, let’s get to the next one!

Fight three: Saunders defeats Levickis by decision [60-54] (Prediction: Saunders)

Alright, so I didn’t know this was going to happen. To be honest, not much has happened. It’s not exactly the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen, though I’m sure things will pick up following this one, so I can’t complain too much. Looks as though Saunders is trying too hard – just keep it simple and go with what works, the opportunities will come; I’m sure this would have been much simpler for him if he kept it cool. From what I’ve read in the last five minutes, he is apparently a good up-and-coming (28 year old?) British talent; a fairly standard win – good luck to him in the future.

Fight four: Quigg defeats Otake by unanimous decision [119-109, 119-109, 118-110] (Prediction: Quigg)

Otake steps out of his native Tokyo to take on Scott Quigg. If the commentator’s suggestion that Otake has a rib problem bears any truth, this could be over quickly. Update: Well, that didn’t really seem the be the case. That said, this was a good night’s work from Quigg – that big hit in the second, up until opening that gash further on, he was in control throughout. I think it probably should have been called the first time the doctor looked at the cut, but hey, I’m not a doctor. By the third time however? I’m just saying. Hell of an effort from Otake, take nothing away from him, but a comfortable win for the Englishman, who extends his undefeated run to 32 fights.

Fight five: DeGale defeats Periban by TKO [TKO3] (Prediction: DeGale)

Even with those horrendous Gooner trunks, I can’t look past DeGale for this one. I said on twitter that this one won’t go past the third and I’m sticking with it; as CAS once said –

Chopping them down like a force 9 gale, or like James DeGale

Great win for Chunky there, what a shot. Let’s get the next one.

Fight six: Groves defeats Douglin by TKO [TKO7] (Prediction: Groves)

Despite it taking longer than many had anticipated, Groves picks up the win with a devastating strike over the top to the head of Momma’s boy – the ref tries to let it carry on, but another twenty seconds and it’s all over. A good performance from Douglin, but you don’t come back from a strike like that.

Fight seven: Joshua defeats Sprott by TKO [TKO1] (Prediction: Joshua)

Even if I didn’t think Joshua would win, coming out to “Bound 4 Da Reload” makes you a winner with me. First round perhaps?

…Yes. 1:28? I think? Ref should have been in there sooner. This man is an absolute juggernaut.

Fight eight: Bellew defeats Cleverly by split decision [115-114 Cleverly, 116-112 Bellew, 115-113 Bellew] (Prediction: Bellew)

I don’t know. I’ve been going backwards and forwards on this one, and I still don’t know. I want Cleverly to win this, but I just can’t make a decision. I’ve gone for Bellew because he seems a lot more emotionally involved in this  – that said, now I think that’s going to be more of a hindrance and Cleverly will probably take it the distance. I’m not going to change, I’ll stick with the Scouse lad, but I hope it goes to the Welshman. Even with that headband. Actually, I take that back. An Everton themed entrance is a million times worse. Let’s go!

Mid-fight update: for me it looks as though Bellew is going to get gassed before this one ends. Those windmills Cleverly is busting out are hilarious. Round five underway.

Mid-fight update two: How is Cleverly still on his feet? Two to go.

Well, that’s over. A lot of spirit from Cleverly, but Bellew definitely deserved the win; can’t believe it was a split decision. I doubt there will be a third one after that show of respect at the end, but glad I witnessed it, regardless of it not being the greatest of all time. Good stuff guys, it’s been good to do something different! Speak to you all soon, I guess.

If you don’t know the name by now, listen out, as this girl is going to keep getting bigger. I heard this shortly after it dropped, giving it a listen purely for the Kendrick feature – I was late, I didn’t know who Miss Aiko was at the time – but not really giving it the time it deserved. Somehow, I dunno, a couple of weeks ago, I came across another of Jhené’s tracks – The Worst – and fell in love with her. I don’t want to detract from her musical ability, so I’ll get this out of the way now – she may be the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen. I mean that. For reference, here’s her Instagram – tell me I’m wrong?

But I digress. As soon as I heard The Worst, I went straight to Amazon and bought Sail Out, (£2.39!? I would say that’s a steal, but I despise that term, so I won’t.) which turned out to be one of the best purchases of this year so far – that was about two weeks ago now and it has been in constant rotation ever since.

Umm, all of that and I haven’t even mentioned the song in question yet. Yeah, it’s fire. For the hip-hop heads out there, obviously you’re going to go straight ot a Kendrick feature, and it doesn’t disappoint – he can do the hard hitting rap stuff such as m.A.A.d city, but I feel these more poetic verses from time to time. That’s the thing – the versatility he brings at an artist is (dare I say it?) understated; while most would argue that everyone overrates him, I genuinely don’t think you can – I expected it before I first heard him, when everyone was going mental about him, that tends to put me off an artist, but he hasn’t disappointed me yet – the recent remix of Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive is testament to his continuing quality. But yeah, the standout bars from him come at the conclusion of his feature.

The universe energy doesn’t lie
And this chemistry is infinity at a million times

I wrote a million rhymes describing your star power
And after 24 bars, you get 24 hours

They link to Rap Genius for anyone who cares, I’ve been waffling too much without attempting to explain them. Jhené. She’s fire throughout. Here voice is as perfect as any I’ve heard before; I’ve put her alongside Nate Dogg as my favourite vocalist already. The whole EP is fire, and while I prefer her on The Worst and 3:16am, this what what I felt writing about; it’s still near-perfection. While I’m not usually a fan of the whole two-songs-together thing, (does that have a technical name?) the segue between Stay Ready and What a Life just works – it feels together as one. It’s absolutely beautiful. The production from Fisticuffs works so well too, there’s genuinely nothing to dislike about this one.

Apologies – this became less of a review of the song, more of me talking about Kendrick Lamar’s recent career. If nothing else, I hope I’ve convinced you to give this song a listen – it’s absolutely phenomenal, and as we all know my taste in music is the greatest in the world, so you should definitely listen to me, and let me know what you think!

This is something I wrote a little while back on News Genius – I thought why not throw it on here, seeing as how it has been neglected as of late. I will be back soon – I know how often I say it, but this FYP is keeping me very busy. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later. Until then, here’s a short first half season review for Spurs. The second half will follow at the end of the season!


Spurs came into the first half of the season as a dark horse candidate for the trophy — while there were certainly others more favoured, few had written off the chances of AVB’s revamped squad — after losing prized asset Gareth Bale, the club brought in seven new signings — former keeper Erik Thorstvedt described the purchases as “[selling] Elvis Presley but [buying] The Beatles!”

While some of these signings became instant hits, it was undeniable the club missed the Welshman — AVB’s policy of slowly introducing players could be argued to be detrimental to the quality of play, as there was no-one to replace the record sale. While he continued to grind out wins most weeks, many were disheartened at the losses the club took — losing to West Ham and Newcastle could be seen as anomalies, but the losses to Man City (6-0) and Liverpool (5-0) were the last straw, as AVB lost his position as head coach at the club — which I should note, upset this moderator greatly at the time.

So begins the era of Tim Sherwood! This is to be continued — he had a terrific start, grabbing 16 of a possible 18 from his first games — the best of any Spurs manager ever. Yup. Good luck to you Tim, I hope you do well!

Big track. Huge track. James Blake has been around for a minute now, but this is the first thing I have ever heard from him — I think I found it through Rap Genius actually.

To tell the truth, it is as close to perfect as any song I’ve ever heard. Chance The Rapper has had a smashing year in 2013 — by far the best mixtape of the year in Acid Rap and only really facing competition from Danny Brown’s Old as the release of the year. That said, this is still the best thing he’s been involved in.

I love it when rappers jump on tracks from other genres, and this is a fantastic example of that, right here. Similarly to Blood Orange’s “High Street” with Skepta jumping on, it’s an effortless cross between the smooth vocals of Blake, and the frantic raps of Chano. Beautiful.

That being the H-Town remix, of course. Well, saying of course may be a little unfair, Beyoncé is hot on her own (musically too) but this is fire. Some of the hottest artists from the south jumped on this one; with Bun B leading the charge, this may well be the best pure rap song of the year for me. Normally I check Rap Genius to see if a song has been put up after it drops, and it’s usually there (or thereabouts) — not this time, as sometimes seems to be the case with H-Town tracks — no worries though, I had to jump on that. So check out the lyric page, yeah? Cool.

Other verses from veterans Lil Keke, Scarface, Slim Thug, Willie D and Z-Ro combine to form one of the greatest odes to Houston I’ve heard — the only negative I’m drawing from this is that Chamillionaire the don was omitted from the list. Still, can’t complain too much, he’s had some fire of his own this year. More on that below. Still, for now, enjoy this.